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    Final Cut Studio Universal Crossgrade shipping?

    I a not sure this is much help, however I am in the UK dealing with Apple UK & my FCS cross grade has arrived after one week. Apple Uk was great at keeping me up to date via email. Maybe a call to Apple might be in order.
  2. zwarbot

    could use a little help

    As Adam has said on the podcast... A great way to find software is to look at Version Tracker. You just type a key word for the software you are after say "FTP" or "video XVID" and click search. It will then show you all the software it can find & if you sort by freeware then it will show you those in order. I use it all the time to see whats popular.
  3. zwarbot

    Proper technique to repair disk

    If you have no luck with the Disk Utility, I would recommend getting Disk Warrior. It really has saved me a few times with broken drives & messed up directories.
  4. zwarbot

    Printer sharing mac to windows

    First you need to read this then get yourself Bonjour for Windows which is on a link on the right down the page a bit. I have this working great. Windows XP actually prints faster to the printer than my iMac. I use the Airport Extreme USB printer sharing.
  5. zwarbot

    What kind of headphones?

    I have the ER6i and they ROCK! I have been soo impressed with these. Cuts out background noise & I get better battery life since I only have to run the iPod at 1/2 volume.
  6. zwarbot

    Hardware issu? software issue? I'm lost..

    Do you have another mouse you can try. Just to see if you get the same response from another mouse. Is the area around the laser clean? Is the problem with the scroll ball? or moving the mouse across the surface? Is the surface shiny white? Mine doesn't like shiny white table tops, needs the scroll ball cleaned with a lint free cloth now & again, & sometime needs grime removed from underneath.
  7. zwarbot

    7200 or 5400 RPM drive? Here is the answer.

    I think you mean 800 Mbps which is 800/8 = 100 MBps which are only in theory. I think 60-80MB/s is approx actual.
  8. zwarbot

    Boot Camp. Is it just me, or....

    Shake is the video effects composite tool, used by movie companies. For example; WETA digital used Apple's Shake for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Oh and I have some more.... OSX server... which when clustered makes cheaper super computers Qmaster... another great cluster based software for rendering animations etc OSX & Apple... the future is bright!
  9. zwarbot

    Boot Camp. Is it just me, or....

    Just to add another very important reason why OSX won't go away anytime soon: FinalCut Studio & Shake Two systems that intergrate with OSX in such a way that would be a huge task to rewrite them for windows, not to mention a waste of money doing so. I am sooo impressed with FinalCut Studio that running OSX is very important to me. Also iLife 06 has no equal on Windows, its a clear leader. That said my wife will enjoy using Windows inside OSX or dual boot, so that she can use MS Word 2003, in which she is heavily trained.
  10. zwarbot

    unlimited bandwith

    Liberated Syndication. They have small price plans for unlimited bandwidth. http://www.libsyn.com I use them for http://www.vjdv.com
  11. zwarbot

    Laptops Stands

    I brought one of these for my wife to help with her back posture will working long periods on her laptop. The raised height of the screen helps. You do need an external keyboard & mouse though.
  12. zwarbot

    How do I share itunes libraries between users?

    Hi, This was discussed in a thread just below in this forum as linked. I can't seem to find the search feature for the MacCast forum. http://www.maccast.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=2995 The answer & the only way to successfully get all the access rights for each user is at this website: http://captnswing.net/howto/itunes/ I have been using this method and it all works great! Hope this helps.
  13. zwarbot

    Moving your "Libraries"...

    For users that require iPhoto & iTunes libraries on an external drive & more than ONE account to access these, it seems my post has gone somewhat unread so I thought it might be useful if I post a copy of the text from the website. Now if you want the Libraries on an external drive all you have to do is where ever the website references /users/shared dir just replace with your desired location ie /Volumes/ExternalDrive. I have been using this method through all sorts of Apple updates right until 10.4.3 with the only issue being remembering to plug the FW external drive in. Since its a Lacie drive it normally stays plugged in and powers automatically with the iMac. Hope this helps.
  14. zwarbot

    Creepy Gmail

    With all the hype about gmail invites, I just thought this article made interesting reading if you haven't seen it allready. http://www.gmail-is-too-creepy.com/ My point of view is gmail makes sense for Adam with the Maccast where he most likely gets an amount of email that would cost loads under another provider. Gmail doesn't make sense for me personally for my family emails & registration emails with login details. Gmail is great for collecting my SPAM.
  15. zwarbot

    Moving your "Libraries"...

    I agree Alex, its a simple & easy method which seems to work, however with regards to the UNIX system & other Apple apps, I am not sure it works. Since I looked into this about eight months ago & have since forgotten why, I will have to go away and find the other articles talking about why not to do the alias.
  16. zwarbot

    Moving your "Libraries"...

    Hi, I would suggest that while I do run my /users folder in another partition using the same guide as linked in the above post, moving the /users folder to an external drive was a little extreme in my case. I have just done a sucessful test in Keynote & the method I have been using to have my library folders (both iTunes & iPhoto) on an external drive is found at this website. Please note: Follow the guide but instead of using the /users/shared directory replace all references to that with your desired location ie /Volumes/libraries. This method explains how to share one library with all users on the one machine, however I think because of the script & permission settings it must help the other Apple apps find the libraries. Basically not to sure how it works but it works the same as if the libraries were in my orginal location. Hope this helps.
  17. zwarbot

    Hacking the iPod

    :evil: I would like to disagree with Jeremy's statement that the iPod will only sell well if its hackable. In my opinion the iPod will sell well if the content comes online quickly & reach other countries faster. I currently live in the UK and want to see the barriers of both TV show sales & DVD regions removed. Vidcasts or Video Casts will lead the way in this revolution & I can't wait! Bring on the content & bring it fast! Then I might buy an iPod that supports video.
  18. zwarbot

    SEVERE iPod Video Problem-HELP!

    Has anyone tried this software. PODNER Looks to be very easy to take files and convert them for the iPod.
  19. zwarbot


    So far so good... I ran the update on my system using the 97GB software update. The thing I have noticed so far is iChat now has encryption on text, audio & video for members of .Mac.
  20. Or you can use GimpShop which someone has put together out of Gimp & made all the menu items very similar to those in Photoshop. It still requires X11.
  21. Thanks for the link on Inkscape, I had looked at this before and thought it wasn't for me. I found that I couldn't draw like I did in Flash. Cutting & merging objects is vital for the way I made things in Flash. I have also tried, iDraw, Cenon, Gimpshop, & two others that I can't remember the names of.
  22. zwarbot

    Entourage or OSX MAIL?

    Hi, My experience with getting email from a PC to a Mac is from Thunderbird on the PC to Apple Mail on the Mac. Its very straight forward & the mailboxes in Thunderbird are compatible with Apple Mail. So I would see if you can go from Outlook 2003 to Thunderbird on the PC first & then once it all looks good in Thunderbird, copy the mailbox folders to the Mac and then run a Inport from inside Apple Mail. As you can tell, my vote is for Apple Mail.
  23. I got used to using Flash and its way of drawing with the 30 day demo, & I really found it suited my way of thinking about drawing. However once the Demo ran out I have been searching for a cheaper replacement that would give me a similar way of drawing vector art. That search has reached EasyDraw & I am impressed! I have had a small test & all looks good so far. It has a cutting tool which I normally would just use a line in Flash to cut objects up. You can join, pull objects apart & change text as if it was a Vector shape. I would be interested to know what others have similar vector drawing tools to Flash.
  24. How about Rapidweaver from http://www.realmacsoftware.com Its great & very fast to make webpages. And you can add as much or as little html code as you want to.
  25. zwarbot

    Scrateches in IPOD NANOS

    I have listened to all the iPod Nano scratching issues and have taken the pre-caution of removing my new one out of the box with gloves on, left the plastic film on the front (minus the tag at the bottom) and placed it into a silcone case with screen protector. So I have 2 layers of protection on the front & one on the back. Hopefully that should keep it protected. PS. It is still very useable! 8)