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    TV OS 13 Bricked 4K Apple TV

    Hello All, Wondering if anyone else had this issue or has suggestions... My Apple TV 4K locked up on a Youtube stream while running TV OS 13 Public Beta. I restarted it using the keys on the remote and it came up to an apple support link URL page with a yellow exclamation. Going to the page gave instructions for refreshing all but the 4K model with a USB C cable. Since the 4K model does not have a USB port, I was instructed to call Apple Support. Apple Support says the only fix is to replace the unit at a cost of $150. I can buy a brand new one for $179. I found this unacceptable. This unit was bought in June 2018 and is out of warranty. Seems obvious to me it just needs to be refreshed, but how? Quick Google search revealed I am not alone in my frustration. One Reddit thread suggested that if you plug/unplug the unit 5 to 7 times it would come up to a refresh page. I tried this 3 times with no success. I own 4 of these Apple TVs and am extremely frustrated. Any thoughts or help is appreciated. For $150, I could re-outfit my entire house with FireSticks. Thanks