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  1. agerom


    Hi mac users. I have an .avi and .srt subtitle file. Can anyone tell me how to combine one of those and under which aplication in order to burn a movie with subtitles? Mac Book Pro 1.83 Ghz, 1024 RAM
  2. Has anybody foreigner probably, tried to introduce alphabet other than Latin into Terminal application as input languages, such as Greek characters? I want to be able to read texts written in UNIX pine.Any suggestions?
  3. agerom

    Firewire and passord protection (?)

    I am having a- back up machine- at my place and one in the office.
  4. agerom

    Firewire and passord protection (?)

    Unfortunately I mean the Target Disk mode. You see although my machine is stealth and cannot be accessed easily, I dont want to be hacked by firewire, if someone sneaks into it
  5. So, I tried to conect two mac books and use one as a hard drive to transfer some GB's. I wanted to know if and - most important - how can I activate a password so when I connect the slave to the master it will password-protected.
  6. agerom

    Using X11...

    Hallo, this is my first post. About X11, one tricky thing is that you have to browse to you DVD that came along with your mac (disk1) for the Optional Install and then after a few trivial steps, you can see the tab Applications. Then you try to browse to X11, click on it and you install it.