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  1. Pronoun

    Wireless Printers

    What printer do you have?
  2. Pronoun

    Wireless Printers

    I need to buy a printer and I wanted to get an all-in-one inkjet. I have a linksys wireless router with 3 ethernet ports open. I wanted to know what models to look at. I obviously need it to be Mac compatible (I have no Windows computers on my home network now, but a may add one at some point). I like the idea of total wireless printing, but I hear a lot complains of it not working right/well/at all. I can plug it into the router with ethernet and print from the notebooks wirelessly if possible. My router doesn't have a USB port, but I would be willing to replace with one that does, because it is old and 802.11g. My new notebook (MBP) is 802.11n, everything else is 802.11b/g (PBG4, iPhone, XBox with a linksys gaming adapter, Nintendo Wii & Nintendo DS). I don't want to plug it in via USB to the tower and share it to the notebooks because I would have to have the tower on and awake all the time. Here are the computers I plan to print from: 2 notebooks w/Wifi (MBP and PB-G4 both with Mac OS X 10.5.2) 1 tower (G4 QuickSlilver with Mac OS X 10.4.11) Here are the two HP printers I looked at: HP Officejet J6480 HP C7280 Photosmart HP C7250 Photosmart Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Gary
  3. Pronoun

    Use Windows XP from Virtual PC with Boot Camp

    What 800 #? It didn't work (Product ID invalid), so I called 800-642-7676 and they told me the Key was valid and the could not give me a new code.
  4. Pronoun

    Use Windows XP from Virtual PC with Boot Camp

    It is not a Dell disc, it is from a WinTel built by a local shop. It is not machine specific, just an OEM Windows XP Service Pack 2. Thanks for the replies, I was hoping someone had done before. I will try it when I get some time and post back if it works.
  5. Here is my question. I have a full version of Windows XP Pro SP2 which is installed on a WinTel machine. Can I install Windows XP Pro SP2 for the Disc I got with my Wintel, but use the Product Key form my copy of VirtualPC. Seems like it should be legit and work, has anyone tried to do this? Again, I own 2 Product Keys (1 OEM form my Wintel and 1 from VirtualPC 7). I know you can extract the Windows XP Pro SP2 image from the VirtualPC Disc and re-burn it, but it seems like a waste since I have a disc already. Gary
  6. Pronoun

    eMaccast 2008.01.31 - Bad link

    Bad link to the Gadget Locker in the iTunes Cover Art during the advert. If this is in a template file for the show you may want to update it. http://www.thegadgetlocer.com/maccast/ Real URL: http://www.thegadgetlocker.com/maccast/
  7. Pronoun

    iMac or Dell?

    I have looked and some have been ported, but not all. She also gets a toys that are Windows only (USB Crap that hooks into the computer - Funkey's is on that pop to mind)
  8. Pronoun

    iMac or Dell?

    Have you run Boot Camp with Windows XP to play games? Also, how would a MacMini(intergraded video card) run Windows XP with Boot Camp playing games.
  9. Pronoun

    iMac or Dell?

    Hi, I am a Mac guy, I have a G4 733MHz Mac downstairs for the family computer. It is time to replace it, but my daughter wants a Dell to play games not available for Mac OS X. I thought I might just get an iMac with Boot Camp and Parallels and that would cover all bases. 1. In Boot Camp is the iMac a PC capable of doing everything a Dell PC is? 2. Can Parallels run games well? 3. Windows Vista or Windows XP? 4. What are some problems with this solution, if any? Thanks!
  10. Pronoun

    finding nemo screensaver

    They have it here, as well as some others: http://www.everythingiphone.com/option,com...d,19/Itemid,57/
  11. Pronoun

    Graphic Card Question

    I have a 4x AGP slot with a GeForce 3 graphics card. I'm trying to get some extra performance for my 3D programs. I want a new graphics card for my type of machine but wasn't sure if the newer cards would overheat my system, or is that not even an issue. What do you think would be my best option between Nvidia or ATI? If you're not sure, would you happen to know a site I could check or Forums I could search to get the answer? Thirdly, is it even worth it at this point, since the card performance is still based on my processor speed? I have a Quicksilver Dual 800 mhz G4 Tower.
  12. Pronoun

    Dictionary shortcut

    I use this shortcut (Control + Command + D) all the time, however it doesn't work for me in Camino. It is one thing I really miss from Safari.
  13. Pronoun

    Show off your Desktop

    That is the site I couldn't remember. Thanks Skippy!
  14. I did a quick search to find and download Quicksilver, because I was also wondering what the hype was about. Anyway, I saw the video and thought you might find it helpful. It is a tutorial (This is part 1 of 3) about Quicksilver, everything from install to basic functions to advanced functions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBvFUhTqKK4 Hope this helps, Gary http://www.gwcoughlin.com
  15. Pronoun

    Did macally slip

    I think the Bluetooth is for the phone (Hands free). The bluetooth could be in the base and control the iPod via the dock connector. Features: • Listen to your favorite iPod tunes or talk to your cell phones through the FM stereo receiver in the car • Built-in hands-free function keeps you safe on the road • Pairs with any Bluetooth equipped phones • Auto-Switching between phone mode and iPod mode when you answer or hang up • Works with new iPod nano, iPod nano, iPod with Video, iPod Photo, iPod with color display, iPod 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, and iPod Mini • Fits cup holders securely in most cars • Powered through car cigarette lighter adaptor • Full FM spectrum 88.1MHz to 107.9MHz for the clearest channel • Dock and charge iPod devices simultaneously • Wired Handsfree 3.5mm jack for privacy mode operation • Easy-to-reach power on/off switch, frequency up and down buttons, and quick channel switch button • Automatic last used frequency memory • Tilted backlit LCD display with easy-to-read characters • Designed to accept Apple universal dock insert shipped with iPod • 3 Docking inserts included for new iPod nano, iPod 4G, & 5G