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  1. Macs Rule They're so cool


    Thanks I have one!
  2. Macs Rule They're so cool


    Hi, Hello everyone, I'm a huge diggnation fan, Digg fan and now the newest thing from Kevin Rose is looking really cool as well; pownce! I would love it if anyone could send me an invite. Just say you have an invite and I'll send u my E-mail. Thanks.
  3. Macs Rule They're so cool

    MacBook Pro Problem

    Trip to the Apple store? lol, that's that's what I thought....but come to think of it, I found that light annoying, so maybe it wasn't such a bad thing..ha! Thanks!
  4. Macs Rule They're so cool

    MacBook Pro Problem

    Sorry, I meant the little WHITE light on the fron to the Laptop.
  5. Macs Rule They're so cool

    MacBook Pro Problem

    Hi, When I closed the lid of my MacBook Pro recently I noticed that the little white Light was not turning on, I presumes tis is a hardware issue. Any help would be great... I have Apple Care but I don't want to lose my MBP for 5+ days over an issue like this... Thanks
  6. Macs Rule They're so cool

    Apple In The Dock

    On thing that you have to remember in these types of situation is that the EU is not as leaneant with large corporations as in the US. The thought must if crossed or mind that these are US companies not European which, when they go to court (almost inevitable for Apple) will be a factor (I think). I'm not trying to imply that the EU is corrupt and I'm no legal expert (that's probable already evident) but a monopoly is never good PS English chocolates are the best *the only relevance that had was England is a member of the EU*.
  7. Macs Rule They're so cool

    Home Theator

    Hi, I know this is a mac form, but having such a knowledgeable user base I decided that this was the best place to ask a question like this. Ok, I have a 46'' 1080i HDTV and I was looking for a good home theatre system. I want something with wireless speakers and has a built in dvd player (that can do upscaling to 720p). The only problem is that I have an Xbox 360 and I want to be able to have a digital output from the xbox 360 into the receiver/dvd player.... 5.1 is fine (or higher)... and under $650 is a must. Thanks -Tom PS BBC motion gallery (HD) is sooo cool, I found in just browsing in Safari one day and it is o cool!
  8. Macs Rule They're so cool

    Use HDTV a Monitor

    This would work ( http://www.gefen.com/kvm/product.jsp?prod_id=3570 ) but it's a little steep. So I'll just get DVI to HDMI Cable Thanks
  9. Macs Rule They're so cool

    Use HDTV a Monitor

    Hi, I have found BBC HD Motion Gallery (just google "BBC MOTION GALLERY") not going to bother with adding the URL) but it is amazing, it has renewed my love of the BBC and their work. The issue I have is that I want to display that on my 50'' 1080i (and no i can't tell the difference between 1080p and 1080i--not a video file ). I have a MacBook Pro so playing HD back is no problem with the dedicated video card. Everything is great until I come to the cable; I don't have DVI on my TV, but 2 HDMI ports so what I need to do is get a DVI to HDMI cable. But I have read that only the (19 pin DVI) to (HDMI) cable is capable of sending audio as well as video. Is this true, if so where can i get one, be cause I can't find one. Tom PS (my ISP has up'd the connection from 10mbs to 15mbs free of charge. So to me, HD files don't seem so big. Thanks
  10. Macs Rule They're so cool

    iPhoto Picture to iPod Problems

    Hi, I have my iPhoto photos in Users/Shared/iPhoto_Library and since I have 6 account on my MacBook Pro it is a Britain to keep things in sync. The only problem is that that when I go to iTunes to sync it says "The iPod "xxxxxxx" Can not be synced. The required file cannot be found" Help! Help would be appreciated. Tom
  11. Macs Rule They're so cool

    What could it be..........?

    Or maybe, making .Mac not suck so much.....
  12. Macs Rule They're so cool

    Auto start-up and shut down of a Windows PC

    Hi, I want to automatically start-up and shut down my Windows PC + loging for free. Example I want my windows XP computer to automatically turn on at 7:00am and automatically shut down at 11:00pm I know on the mac there is an option in system preferences, but that is for the mac only.... Thanks
  13. Macs Rule They're so cool

    What could it be..........?

    Does it work at 35,000FT on a Plane? Thanks for the tip though...I like twiter, Hope it doesn't get crushed on pownce's weight......Probable will because when Kevin Rose has a new site...it is usually way better than the competition, but that's another topic.
  14. Macs Rule They're so cool

    Good gaming PC's?

    I have a Alienware Box, and I'm satisfied with it other that vista is a complete disaster! I have an Nvidia 8800 Ultimate and the frame rate s great, the thing to remember when getting any gamin' rig is that you need to equal out your components. So if you have a 4 core processor you can't have 256mb of ram or a really bad graphics card, combined with a great processor.
  15. Macs Rule They're so cool

    What could it be..........?

    There is a special even? The day I'm travelling all day and night? Gererrrrrr then I wont get to see what Apple has released until the 8th, GERRRRR Anyway, I'm hopin' for a good few thing (1)International Movie content, and if so HD (2) wide screen ipod video, (3) maybe that new iMac that we have been hearing 'bout (4) Maybe Some mac speed boosts (5) Syncing