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    Time Machine

    Your drive should not fill up that fast. Each time Time Machine backs up it does not really take up much additional space unless something on your iMac has been added or moved/changed. You have two options to help correct this... 1. You can force Time Machine to back up less frequently by say... plugging in the drive once a day for a backup and then disconnecting it. or 2. If you have a folder where files are temporarily getting moved to and from a lot then exclude that folder from the backup. For instance, I use a folder to store my Handbrake DVD rips before I import them to iTunes. So Time Machine would backup all the temp files as they come through this folder before they get to iTunes and then back them up again in iTunes, and this takes a ton of extra space. So I exclude this folder from the backups. or do both of these things until they give us the option to control the frequency of backups. Devin
  2. devinnamaky

    iPhone and my car.

    I have received calls when my iPhone is connected to the care stereo, and the music fades out and then you talk and hear through the iphone itself. The iphone did not play the phone call through my care stereo... also, my iphone never fades back in. it just unpauses without a fade... any suggestions? Devin
  3. devinnamaky


    you must enable one of two protocols on third party routers. the info is on apple's support site.... and some airports will not support back to my mac. they have a list of supported ones... Devin
  4. macrumors has a link to a nice explanation of what is new in leopard under the hood. it is very different in the hows. it looks like tiger but underneath is very different. well worth the $$$.
  5. devinnamaky

    Leopard with G4 chips?

    put leopard on my 15 inch powerbook 1Ghz with only 512 RAM. Runs faster than Tiger. Recommend it... anyone have extra PC133 RAM sitting around? Devin
  6. devinnamaky

    Time Machine Question

    1) you can use Time machine on more than one drive 2) it doesn't need to be connected all the time, it remembers the drive when you reconnect it 3) it does not do "incremental backup" as traditionally thought of and so it does not take up nearly as much space, Apple Insider has a good overview on the technology behind it. It does however "update" the backup hourly, daily and weekly. D
  7. devinnamaky

    Can't boot from CD

    btw, you can also format an external USB or firewire drive in GUID format, then "restore" your CD you want to boot from to the external drive using disk utility. This will make the external drive bootable when you hold option at startup and will boot using the CD software that you restored to it. This would be the method for an intel mac. If you have a powerpc you would not use GUID, but could still use the same method. Devin
  8. devinnamaky

    iLife '08 on G4 Processors

    of note, it will leave iMovie HD on the drive and still usable. so you have 5 apps but only 4 get updated.
  9. devinnamaky

    iBrick back to iPhone

    I was referring to an actual iBrick... ie you can no longer use any of the programs at all, or make any calls... for people who have unlocked the SIM. I heard there is a way to take the totally nonfunctional brick and actually fix it. D
  10. devinnamaky

    iBrick back to iPhone

    I heard that some people have figured out how to take an iBrick and, by holding the sleep and home button at the same time, found a way to make it so you can downgrade the firmware still... then the phone works again... anybody heard of this yet? I don't need it... but was curious about it... D
  11. devinnamaky


    This happened to me trying to downgrade to 1.0.2. Then I selected 1.0.1 and it worked.
  12. devinnamaky

    iPhone jailbreak/mod, can you update safely?

    btw... I took the plunge and answered my own question after a couple promising reports... my phone was previously jailbroken... then restored to 1.0.1... then mod'd on v1.0.2... then restored to 1.0.1... then upgraded to 1.1.1 and it still works. no iBrick for me. D
  13. Can anyone who has jailbroken their iPhone confirm that it still works after the 1.1.1 update? I don't want want any theorizing.... just confirmation from someone who has done it please.
  14. devinnamaky

    Cool features

    iPhone also gives you live traffic info on the map. D
  15. devinnamaky

    opera mini vs the iPhone

    thought this was funny http://www.operamini.com/beta/video/ d