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  1. isaiah1112

    Best Way to Backup Without Leopard

    I am going to really geek out here but what about good old Cron/LaunchD and Rsync?? They are a super way to get a daily backup.
  2. isaiah1112

    Apple Script

    Macscripter is a great site but I would also join the AppleScript Users ListServer on Apple's Website. (there is a link on the iScript Netcast's website) And you could always pick up the iScript Netcast (my podcast about AppleScripting). I should have more episodes on the way any day now. I would also find something that you want to script... that is the best way to learn anything. Make it important to you and it will come to you much easier. There are a number of books on AppleScript but many of them are out of date as far as "current concepts" are concerned but still good references for someone starting out. And, you can always send me an email. I try my best to answer all questions that come in.
  3. isaiah1112

    who should I have fix my mac?

    Do you hear the startup chime when the computer boots? If so, then that means that the computer passed POST (Power On Self Test) and it probably isn't a logic board issue. Have you tried zapping the parameter ram? (Reboot while holding Apple-P-R. Let the machine chime say 3 times and then let go of the keys and see if the machine boots normally.) Also, if you have an external display try plugging it into the adapter for your iMac (if you have one) and see if it will boot with the external display. If that doesn't work PM me with the serial of the machine and I can look up the symptom chart for video issues on that machine.
  4. isaiah1112

    OS 10.5.6 feedback on the installation..?

    Ever since 10.5.6 on one of my workstations I have been having issues with session cookies in Safari... it doesn't appear to enjoy keeping me logged into sites with the use of cookies... Ah... there is a post on Apple's forums since I last checked... http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=8636637
  5. isaiah1112

    Apples last year at Macworld

    Except that as a developer I have very different reasons for going to Macworld and WWDC. One, for me at least, is to discover new third-party solutions and software where the other is specifically for my own technical satisfaction as a developer... I look for my own answers to very technical questions at WWDC where I am looking to see if someone already has the answers for me at Macworld.
  6. isaiah1112

    Moving Time Machine to New Disk

    Doing exactly what you described should work fine. And if you tell the restore piece of Disk utility to erase your 1 TB drive before restoring you shouldn't have any issues at all since it will do a block-level copy and the drive will end up being named the same as your current time machine drive. I have done this before without any issues.
  7. isaiah1112

    Large Storage/Backup Solution.

    First, let me say that I have a Drobo and thus far I have been extremely happy with mine. The way that Drobo works is through a RAID system. If you have a Drobo populated with, say, 3 x 1TB hard drives (giving you 1.8 TB of redundant storage) you can completely lose one drive without compromising data. Drobo will alert you of this both though its software on your workstation and via a red status light for the failed drive on the front of the Drobo. All you must do is eject the failed drive and replace it with a new one. Drobo will then take the new drive and copy the parity data from the other two drives (the data that was on the third drive and backed up on the other two) back to the new drive to restore your redundant raid. This process may take up to 2 days on a 1TB drive (depending on how full it is). However, you will not loose access to your data and after the rebuild is complete you system will once again be redundant. If you have any other questions regarding Drobo or RAID in general (Drobo is actually pretty complex when it comes to RAID) please let me know. I would be happy to go a little more in depth for you!
  8. isaiah1112

    mds eating memory

    One of the first things that I do with any machine is setup my "private folders" under the Spotlight preferences. If I don't need an external drive indexed then I add it to the list. This cuts down on the indexing time and the amount of ram and cpu the mds processes take up while indexing content for spotlight.
  9. isaiah1112

    Display Question

    I would also take a look at Cord... it is a remote desktop app for mac that uses similar protocols to connect to the PC as their own Remote Desktop. I use this at work and home all the time and best of all it is free! Check it out here...
  10. isaiah1112

    Crossover Games

    FYI... for today only (October 28th) the crossover products and games are free to download...
  11. isaiah1112

    Netinstall Question

    I do not user NetInstall images but I do use NetBoot images hosted on an Xserve running 10.5. Have you selected one of the images to be your "default image" in server admin? Most of the time Netboot will try to boot off the the image it thinks is "most appropriate" when selecting a boot image from NetBoot (Generally this is the one with the highest bootable OS for that machine). You can generally get this set pretty easily by switching your settings for images (if one you want your PPC workstations to boot on then set the other to Intel Only). For instance, if you have a 10.5 image and a 10.4 image you could set your 10.5 to Intel Only and then you will ensure that anything that cannot run 10.4 will boot to the 10.5 (this should happen by default too). However, this will keep G4 733 or better workstations (G5's included) from booting into 10.5 as well. As far as I am aware the only way to "see a screen" that would allow you to choose which image you want is through Startup Disk in System Preferences. However, that does not mean that there aren't "workarounds." We currently use a software suite known as Casper, from JAMF Software, to perform all of our client installs. This uses a single net boot image to boot a workstation and then uses ASR commands to restore separate images and configurations to the drive intelligently. This is way easier than having multiple net install images for different workstation types. If you would like more info on the Casper suite or how you could get something similar to this working without buying the suite (some custom development and scripting could do it pretty easily) just let me know!
  12. isaiah1112

    Keynote Reader on a Windows Machine

    Um... I think he is looking for an application for Windows that will allow him to open Keynote presentations. The answer to this question is "I don't think so..."
  13. isaiah1112

    Applescript/folder action to amend file name

    Not by default... however, it would not be too difficult to write... If you aren't intrepid and want to try it on your own I could probably get one kicked out for you... PM me if you want me to write it!
  14. isaiah1112

    Recording Dual Tracks in Garageband

    Glad to hear about the new "Podcaster/Netcaster"! I cannot really speak to the USB microphone as I only have one USB mic which I use for my "mobile" podcasting setup. However, when I am at home I have a nice Focusrite Saffire DSP which has two Mic inputs and runs the digital signal to the computer via FireWire. This is an expensive piece of equipment though and unless you are really serious about buying it or have another reason for the purchase it probably isn't practical. I have also looked into an Alesis MultiMix 8 Mixer. It is not too expensive and would really make multi-person Podcasts easy. Of course, you would then also have to buy microphones for every person which can make it not worth while as well. As far as hosting goes, I use Netfirms for the hosting of the iScript Netcast. I felt that their hosting packages (space and bandwith) were the best I had seen in a while. ($8 per month gets you 10GB of storage and 500GB of bandwidth which is plenty of space and bandwidth for a beginning audio podcast). Of course, video Podcasts may need one of their better packages. Hope this helps you get started... If you have any other questions regarding getting a podcast started just let me know... I am more than happy to help!
  15. isaiah1112

    Home Directory on Another Disk

    Hey... you can never assume that a developer makes every consideration for every type of setup out there!