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  1. Mighty Mouse won't scroll...

    Thanx guys! The Alcohol worked perfectly!! And I didn't have to break my Mighty Mouse!
  2. Mighty Mouse won't scroll...

    I've had this Mighty Mouse for almost a year now and never had any problems... But last week it stopped scrolling down. It sill goes up, left, and right, but not down... How can that really be? Isn't it just one sensor in there? Is there a way I can clean it out by taking it apart? Anyone know how to do that? Thanx!
  3. LCD monitor with a MBP

    Ok, yeh that's what I wan't to do. Just leave the lid closed and work. I already have the Wireless Keyboard and Mighty Mouse.
  4. LCD monitor with a MBP

    Ok, so I was looking at getting a 20" monitor for my MBP. The monitor resolution is 1650x1024 and my laptop is only 1440x900... Can I mirror it or only use the LCD monitor at it's resolution? I just need more desk space and don't want to have my MBP on my desk or use it as a dual monitor. Thanx!
  5. Video Capture for iSight?

    Ok, so who all saw I Am Legend? He uses his MacBook Pro to record a video journal, is this possible or just a movie effect? If it is possible, how can you do it?
  6. iPod Touch unreliable?

    That's really weird... I have one of the first ones still with absolutely no problems...
  7. New hard drive. Ghost...

    That all sounds great. Is this what I'm looking for? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16812232002
  8. New hard drive. Ghost...

    Ok, I bought a new hard drive for my MBP and I know how to install it phyisicaly into the laptop. But how can I ghost the drives? Is there a wat to hook up the new drive to the laptop and ghost it that way? What kinda cables would I need?
  9. Show off your Desktop

    You have to in order to do the things I have to do...
  10. Show off your Desktop

    Had to match my car... I don't want to admit it, but my iPod Touch has the same wallpaper... :-)
  11. iPod touch

    I showed mine to a classmate of mine who is all about PCs and hates using Macs / Apple. He loved it, he kept saying over and over how cool it was. After he played with it for about 30min, he told me he was going to go buy one! He was amazed at all of the little things it could do!
  12. How to Convert Video to work on iPod touch

    Well... That's going to be a hard one. AVI is a windows file type, Macs can't read them unless they have a plug-in like VLC. I have an iPod touch as well and it'll only use videos in H.264. You can either use Instant Handbreak if you're using a mac, or try PQ-DVD if you have a PC. Both will convert from a DVD to H.264 fairly quickly. As to converting AVI to H.264, I have no clue... Sorry.
  13. CD stuck in Macbook Drive

    If you have Toast, you can eject it that way... It's happened to me several times before...
  14. iPod Touch Album Art

    Ok, in iTunes on my laptop all of the album art is there. On my iPod, in cover flow all of the art is there. But when I go back to the normal view of an album I find that only the first song in many albums actually have artwork. It just displays a big question mark. I keep going back and selecting all of the songs in an album in iTunes and changing the artwork on all songs... But it still does the same thing.. Anyone else know a hit that I can do?
  15. iPod touch

    The only lines that I could draw between all of the song are that they were just really old converted mp3s... I know they were 96kbs, so maybe that was it. Because the songs that were in the 200-300kbs range were absolutely fine. And the m4p songs at 128 were fine... So mabe that's just it...