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    Word for Mac - Crashes trying to print

    I don't have any other printers to test with this. I do print over a wireless network from home and I do not have this problem. The home printer is an EPSON.
  2. This has been a vexing problem for about six months now. I have one year old MacBook Pro, 2 GB of RAM, Huge 160 GB drive (installed myself with the help of Maccast tips), but cannot solve this problem. I connect to a wireless network at my home, I can print from Word for Mac easily, no problems. At the office, whether connected wirelessly or wired, I attempt in Word for Mac (or Firefox now that I think of it) to print and the beach ball appears for about 10 seconds and the program crashes. I have searched to see if anyone else is having this problem and I cannot really find anything on it. Any of you mac geniuses have a clue on this? I love my Mac, won't ever go back to Windows (I switched about 14 months ago), but this is really annoying at this point, all printing is disabled while I am at work. Thanks.
  3. Has anyone had occasion to use any Mac program that provides the equivalent of certified mail for email purposes? I stumbled upon a non-OS dependent product, but wondered if there are any Mac software products that do this? Thanks.