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  1. Todd

    DVD Conversion - Windows

    Thanks so much. I contacted the president of the local PC Users Group and got the same answer. Great minds think alike! Todd
  2. Todd

    DVD Conversion - Windows

    I am a big fan of DVDxDV for converting vob/ifo files on a DVD to mov/mp4. However, it's a Mac only program and I have a PC friend who needs a program. Does anyone know of a conversion program that is cross-platform, or what the program of choice is in the PC world? Thanks for any help, Todd
  3. Todd

    FFwd the podcast on a iPod

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by re-encoding, but I'll give her a try the next time Adam puts out a long feed. For whatever it's worth, I actually look forward to getting the Maccast each week. The guy at the Macworld Podcast is good, but he is obviously a print journalist and doesn't have the "stage magic" like Adam does. Yes, I'm using the enhanced version. I'll try subscribing to the regular version as well. Todd
  4. Todd

    FFwd the podcast on a iPod

    I am also having a problem with the Maccast on my iPod Shuffle. After about 20 minutes into the show the sound starts crackling and it gets worse and worse until it's unlistenable. Worse yet, the controls on the front freeze up. The only way to regain control of my Shuffle is to shut it off. The problem then is I lose the bookmark and have to restart the show at the beginning if I want to try and hear it again. I have tried resetting my Shuffle. I have tried giving it an extra long charge before using it. Strangely, this problem never occurs when listening to other Podcasts or music. I love to listen to Podcasts when at the gym, running, or doing yardwork. Maccast is my number one favorite show. It is very discouraging when I hear that first crackle because I know it will get continually worse. Today, I was listening to the July 12 episode and 10 minutes after the crackling started if just shut down. I know this problem is strange and was wondering if anyone else had this problem or theories. I tested it one final time today before reporting this -- I went through several other Podcasts just fine but when I played Maccast the same pattern emerged. Thanks, Todd Daniel Powder Springs, GA
  5. Todd

    Web Host Recommendation

    Thanks, but what is "Ruby on Rails?" As a kid, I grew up eating "Shit on a Shingle" which was creamed corned beef hash over toast. It tasted awful. Is this anything similar? Todd
  6. Fellow Maccast Fans, The Hosting Service that we are using at work is becoming unbearable -- the e-mail forwarding service is always crashing. It is a small, local company. I need to switch to a more reliable service. I was wondering what the "host of choice" was these days. It would need to support ColdFusion. Thanks for any thoughts or help. At this point, a bigger company familiar with small business would be ideal. Todd Daniel "Bill Gates is NOT the pope."
  7. Todd

    Files Won't Unlock

    It worked! Thanks for your help. Now, your next assignment is to reverse engineer Vista.
  8. Todd


    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I ended up buying the Ice Mac by Macally. It's one of the few inexpensive webcams that are totally Mac friendly. Yes, to work with iChat it appears that you have to purchase software called iChatUSBCam. Anyway, the little guy is only $40 and does the job. Todd
  9. Todd

    Files Won't Unlock

    I have a bunch of files that will not unlock. They are Dreamweaver HTML files that became locked while using the "check in/check out" feature: 1) Dreamweaver's checkout feature is now grayed out. 2) In "Get Info" the lock feature is grayed out. Permissions are grayed out. 3) The files WON'T let me move them out of the directory, but I can duplicate them to another directory (and then they are stuck there). 4) You cannot Trash or Rename them. This is like the Tribbles episode on Star Trek. You can replicate the little devils but you can't kill them. I would be humbly grateful if anyone knows how to delete, destory, murder, or squish these files. Todd
  10. Todd

    Intel iMac and dual monitor support

    Or: 1. Do a web search first. 2. Check what already has been posted on the forums. 3. Then make an ass of yourself.* *Sorry, Bill Gates got inside my body and made me type that. Cheers, Todd
  11. Todd


    I need a webcam for my eMac. The iSights, which were discontinued in December, have actually skyrocketed in price. What is the webcam of choice for Mac users, other than the iSight? I have to get one fast for my job. Thanks for any feedback. Long live MacCast, my number one favorite podcast (and I am not exaggerating - it really is by far the best Mac show). Thanks! Todd Powder Springs, GA, USA