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  1. Man I should have waited! I really want to get the new iLife 06. So many new features. I watched Steve's keynote last night. I wish I was a rich man. I wish there was something I could do about the fact that I just bought iLife. Oh well. Some day.
  2. lifewithjim

    FAVICON.ico in browser

    Cool. Thanks a lot Professor. I think you are right about it not working with the masked url. I have it set to mask the blogger url. It will probably never work until I add hosting to this lifewithjim.net url. I had an older url that I added hosting to. Now that I'm this far into podcasting I hate to move my feed and files elsewhere. Again Thanks a lot for your help. Maybe I'll get it to work sometime. Jim Felder
  3. lifewithjim

    FAVICON.ico in browser

    Sorry buddy but you are still not getting my original question. I am using the correct code in my blogger template. It is similar to the one you entered. This one works fine. I am wanting www.lifewithjim.net to also have the favicon. It is a url that I have forwarded to jimspodcastblog.blogspot.com. Do you understand now or am I just not explaining or am I just plane dumb. Thanks for trying.
  4. lifewithjim

    FAVICON.ico in browser

    Exactly. My question is still "how do I get the www.lifewithjim.com url to show the fav icon. It is forwarded to jimspodcastblog.blogspot.com?" Is it even possible?
  5. lifewithjim

    FAVICON.ico in browser

    I am wanting to use a FAVICON in my browser for my blogger site. I have it working for my blog url but I use a different url that forwards to the blogger url. How can I get the FAVICON to show up when someone uses the forwarded url? The blogger site is http://jimspodcastblog.blogspot.com This one works. If I use www.lifewithjim.net it doesn't show. Thanks
  6. lifewithjim

    Comment about Robert Owning an Apple Store in OKC.

    That's OK Adam, I Love Your Show. I listen to every episode. I just had to point that out. I guess I just had to comment because I'm in OKC and I love the store. I can't wait to go when the New iPods come in. Thanks for all that you do Adam.
  7. lifewithjim

    Want to Buy OSX Tiger

    I appreciate your responses.
  8. lifewithjim

    Want to Buy OSX Tiger

    If I buy Tiger for $129.00 do I get iLife 5 with that? I read somewhere that I don't need to buy iLife 5 if I get Tiger. I need iLife 5 but also want Tiger. Thanks. Jim
  9. From Saturday's Show Oct. 8th, 2005. When Robert said that he was a proud owner of an Apple store, I am pretty sure he meant that there was a new store that opened here in Oklahoma City, OK. It opened September 24th at Penn Square Mall. I don't think he meant that he actually owns the store. I could be wrong.
  10. lifewithjim

    Life With Jim Podcast

    Hey there Peeps! I have been doing this podcast since June. I really enjoy it. And of course I use a Mac G5 dual 1.8s. I also use Garageband to record. Give it a listen. I'll talk about life in general with my family. Things we've done or things we are going to do. I'll talk about Xbox Gaming, Mac computers, Podcasting, Photography, I may play some podsafe music. http://www.designboyonline.com/lifewithjim...m/LWJ-PROMO.mp3
  11. lifewithjim

    Free PowerBook?

    Cool! Thanks a lot for the input. My friend said it won't be until "next month" before he buys the PC laptop. Lame! I want it now! later
  12. lifewithjim

    Free PowerBook?

    Thanks sebaz. I don't know what the mhz is. I posted really just to get some ideas of use for it with my podcast or other uses. I have never owned a laptop. I know what I might use it for but just looking for some ideas of what others use their Mac Laptops for. Thanks.
  13. lifewithjim

    Free PowerBook?

    A friend told me he is getting a Sony Laptop and I tell him, "that's great but it has Windows on it." He says he hates Mac and asked me if I wanted his Titanium PowerBook. I said "absolutely!" Yes, Yes, Yes! I can't wait for him to buy his Laptop so I can get the PowerBook. The reason for my post is that I am looking for any input at from you peeps. I already have a G5 Tower. I do lot's of things with my G5. From photos to DVDs and I also do a Podcast. www.lifewithjim.net. I know I will use it I'm just looking for any ideas or input. Thanks guys and gals. Thank you Adam.