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  1. derm318

    Two big iPhone problems

    There are now a whole host of posts on other forums about 2 fairly major problems with the iPhone, both of which I have experienced and can't yet fix. The first is the extremely annoying problem of all of the apps freezing for no apparent reason. The only fix is to remove and reinstall one of the apps. This works for only a few days, when it happens again. The second problem has just now appeared on message boards. For no obvious reason, the iPod function in the shuffle mode stops working. At first, there are cut-offs of songs, then it either reverts to a non-shuffle mode, or more commonly, shuts down the iPod altogether. If anyone has any idea how to fix these problems, any help would be appreciated. At this stage, the iPhone feels more like a beta product, not as good as its separate parts (iPod, phone, etc) Norm
  2. derm318

    Time machine error?

    The exact message is: "Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while copying files to the backup volume".
  3. derm318

    Time machine error?

    All it says is that there was an error and it was unable to complete the backup. When I look at the external hard drive onto which this goes, I see backups up to through January 13 and then there is one that says the current backup is “in progress”. Thus, the connection must be OK.
  4. derm318

    Time machine error?

    I am getting an error message after using time Machine for a few months. It states that it cannot complete the backup, but gives no reason why or how to fix the problem. How do i get this to work again?
  5. derm318

    Slideshow software?

    I have tried this but the resolution of the .mov files is not that great.
  6. derm318

    Slideshow software?

    On the Windows side, there is a program, SlideShow2, which produces slideshows and installs a bit of software onto the CD or DVD which allows the program to play directly without conversion to a movie format, whith its lower resolution. Is there a similar product for Mac users?
  7. I have heard a rumor that the new version of Mac OS will contain a version of Boot Camp which will allow switching between Windows and Mac without restarting the computer. If this is true, there is little reason to buy Parallels. Does anyone know if this is true?
  8. The Windows OS has a terrific spellchecker, As-u-Type, which corrects spelling on the fly. Is there something comparable for the Mac OS? Norm
  9. derm318

    Apple keyboard problem

    When I use my Apple keyboard, 2 or 3 of the keys do not seem to work properly. They take 2 or 3 hits to type the character. The keyboard is fairly new. I am using an iMac with Intel Intel Core2. Is this a keyboard problem or a computer problem? Norm
  10. derm318

    iPod Podcast problem

    I have reset it and I am still having the same problem.
  11. derm318

    iPod Podcast problem

    1. How do I restore? 2. I have a 4th gen iPod 3. When I am in the podcast folder and hit the menu button to go to another folder, it seems to reset and get me to the apple logo. Norman
  12. derm318

    iPod Podcast problem

    Whenever I exit my podcast folder, the iPod resets and I wind up with the apple logo. I have run the disc repair utility which found nothing wrong. What can I do to fix this very annoying problem. Norm