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    No video detection on new G5.

    Well, thank you Jorellh for the answer, but unfortunately I already tried that and it didn't solved anything. As a matter of fact this might be a part of my problem. I didn't mentionned it in my first post, because I didn't want to write a novel about my problem, but after I installed the ATI display, the main window in the ATI Display shows : "Unknown ATI Graphics", and I have no TV and 3D options. I only have the main window, and an "Advanced" tab which contains VersaVision. And Versavision works : it really have an effect on my monitor if I click on the rotation options. The ATI Displays Readme doesn't list the 9650 card in the Supported Cards, but it also says that it supports every ATI Graphic Card included in Macs. So I guessed it supports the 9650, and VersaVision seems to prove that. But I have no Mac-to-TV tabs, and my problem is still unsolved. The whole thing is a bit sad, because everything else works perfectly on the machine. But you know what, I'm still a happy switcher ! Thanks, I'm still interested in suggestions if anyone has any. William
  2. Hi all ! I'm new here - I've recently switched to Mac, and discovered the MacCast PodCast on iTunes. It is great! I hope this is a good place to ask my question. If not, please tell me where to ask. Anyway, I have a problem with my new G5, and I've contacted Apple Support and we haven't been able to solve the problem. Here is the problem : I've connected my Mac to a VCR, with my "DVI to Video" adapter on my video card, doing precisely all the steps that the user manual indicates, and I get absolutely no video detection. Nothing. No image on the TV, and if I click on "Detect Monitors" in the Monitors Preferences, I get nothing new. There is only one monitor. Plus the only tabs I get in that preference window is "Monitors", and "Colors". I think there should be a NTSC/PAL tab. The video card is a ATI 9650, and the G5 is the latest generation. I'm totally puzzled. The guy at Apple Support told me stuff like "Check your wires, check your connections.", which was already done, and has been done a few times since. Any ideas ? I'm really looking foward to see what the Mac community looks like around here. Sorry if I introduce myself with such a problem ! I'll try to be nicer in the future ! :wink: Thank you, William