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  1. ballerb

    connect to www.me.com from iphone?

    As for accessing me.com through mobile safari- you cant access me.com directly, but you can access the different MobileMe web apps by going to the links that it gives you for sharing. For instance, to get to your iDisk type http://public.me.com/username. For your photo galleries you would type http://gallery.me.com/username.
  2. ballerb

    need help!!!

    ok.. i have a macbook, an iphone 3g and an apple tv.... all of these devices are on the same network... of course my iphone 3g is crashy just like everyones.. now my apple tv tends to crash from time to time and it also moves slow when i wakes up from sleep mode... and my macbook freezes while using firefox 3, i get the spinning ball of death but after waiting a minute or so, it stops spinning and continues to work... i am wondering if all these problems are related... can anyone help??
  3. ballerb

    remote wipe

    i have an iphone 3g and was just wondering just in case i lost my phone... how do you do a remote wipe from a mac? im not on exchange, im just a normal user
  4. ballerb

    buggy 2.0

    man is anyone else having crashing problems on this new 2.0 software? i have the new 3g iphone and it just seems to crash all the time... even my normal apps like text messaging.
  5. ballerb

    finding nemo screensaver

    where is the screensaver with the two fish from finding nemo. this screensaver was all over the iphone before it came out and i got my iphone on friday and i just noticed it wasnt on the phone the phone is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ballerb

    need help with a pdf

    i am trying to fill out a pdf form for a bank and i am having problems entering the text. when i click the pdf it comes up in preview. i click the top button that looks like a pen, then i highlight the area that i want to enter the text. the problem is that the font is too big in some areas. now, i went into the section where i could adjust the font but when i adjusted it to a smaller size it doesnt change in the highlighted section. can anyone help with this? i did get the font to change once by just playing with the keys over and over but i dont know how i did it and i cant get it to do it again. Please help
  7. ballerb

    Where did it go?

    thanks that is what i was doing. just checking to see if there was a different way thanks i will continue to do that
  8. ballerb

    Where did it go?

    everytime i download a program on my mac it will mount on my desktop and when i eject the application. it goes away and i cant find it does anyone know where it goes and how to find it again? and also how do i stop this from happening?
  9. ballerb

    Need Help pdf to word

    Does anyone know any good programs to convert pdf to a word document? free programs if possible
  10. is there any way to launch dashboard with a key stroke on the keyboard
  11. ballerb

    question about rar. files

    thanks everyone. will try those out
  12. ballerb

    question about rar. files

    hi i am trying to download a music folder and it is in rar format. what is a rar file? and do yall know any good programs to convert it and put it in my itunes.
  13. ballerb

    what is airtunes?

  14. ballerb

    what is airtunes?

    someone was just talking about airtunes but i have no idea what it is and how do i use it. my question is what is airtunes? and how does it work?
  15. ballerb

    does anyone know????

    i was just wondering if i get an iphone will it sync up with my existing itunes? i already have an ipod on my existing itune, will i have to get another computer to sync my iphone on to it? just wondering if anyone know how this will work, thanks