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    -36 error when syncing iPod in iTunes

    I ran into this problem quite recently as well. It seemed to be about the time that I upgraded to iTunes 4.9 but I can't say for certain if there is any connection. The error was coming up for me everytime I tried to update my iPod. I recently upgraded to a new iMac and before it I was using a G3 iBook and I never had the problem with the laptop. I tried the iPod updater route and did a full restore with no luck, in fact that didn't go very smoothly itself. The problem got worse when I plugged in my external firewire hard drive in order to back up my iTunes library. For the first time ever I was not able to write data to the drive, same error message as with the iPod. I finally did some searching in the Apple support discussions and ran across a couple of posts regarding similiar problems. ( for example, in the discussions search for "ipod isight conflict firewire") The suggestion was made to disconnect any other firewire devices, ie. iSight and sure enough that fixed the problem. With no iSight plugged in I had no errors with either the iPod or the hard drive. I plugged the iSight back in and the problems return. It sure seems as if there is some kind of conflict with the iSight and other firewire devices but it actually seems more complicated than that even. There may be some software version interaction as well. Some suggestions were made that the firewire ports are under-powered but it seems unlikely that the iMac G5 has a lower powered port than a G3 iBook but then I have not gone back to try synching on the iBook with the updated versions of Tiger and iTunes. Besides I'm pretty sure that the external hard drive is not getting power from the firewire port. Anyway, for me this has solved the problem. Now the issue of having to keep my iSight uplugged and then plugging it in when I want to use iChat is a whole other topic. I sure hope Apple fixes it. Regards, Tim
  2. Allen, You could try copying the folder called iTunes (which holds the iTunes Music folder and the iTunes Library file) from your user account area to the new shared location and make your aliases to that folder. I have done this before when I did not have enough disk space on my laptop for my iTunes library. I kept my library on a seperate desktop Mac, mounted that machine on my laptop desktop and created an alias to the iTunes folder. Whenever I started up iTunes on my laptop it would go out and try to connect to that machine, mount it to my desktop and access the iTunes library. I could manage the library from either machine separately but obviously not at the same time. If I did try to connect from one when the other still had iTunes open then I would get an error about the iTunes library being locked. You just need to quit out when you are done so the other can get access. I did not try to change autosync information but I did add songs from either machine. I know this because it was painfully slow over the network from my laptop so if I had a lot to add I would do it at the local machine instead. Hope this helps, Tim