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  1. jingraham

    How to Keep Hard Drive Awake

    Simon, just tried it out. Doesn't have any settings that could be applied to a hard drive. Trying to set something up with Lingo now. Thanks, Jeson
  2. jingraham

    How to Keep Hard Drive Awake

    Not sure if that will work for a hard drive as well, but will explore later. PS-Are you really in Istanbul? That's one of my favorite cities.
  3. jingraham

    How to Keep Hard Drive Awake

    I have two of the 500 gb WD My Books. Very pretty, but not very practical. They are constantly spinning down on me (despite unchecking the put disk to sleep when possible box in the energy saver). The drives are actually designed to shut off like this. The problem is that I store lots of movies on one of the externals and I can't access that content from my new Apple TV when the hard drive has gone to sleep--which is 95 percent of the time. I need to find a way to keep my hard drive awake all the time. There seem to be an endless number of commands from the terminal that you can run to do this. But my terminal skills are very weak so I am hoping someone out there might have an idea about the quickest and easiest way I could do this. Thanks
  4. jingraham

    Give me few good reason to buy Apple TV

    Alpharay, On a post a few days ago I expressed my disappointment with the Apple tv because it was coming up in black and white on my standard tv (component) and the streaming feature seemed pretty lousy. Well, after fixing a setting on my tv to get color and a simple restart of my wireless network the thing is working like a charm now. This is a great toy that is only going to get better with software updates and new content. I was initially worried about the 40g hard drive, but honestly I don't even use it. It's much more convenient just to stream from my iMac, where my library is stored (I have a brand new Apple Extreme with a network of 102.11g computers). While I admit that I am not a video snob (still have a standard tv), this machine has lots of potential. The HD content already available is great. The movie trailers for instance look gorgeous and podcasts like the Washington Post have high-def videos that are great. I really think there is going to be an explosion of this kind of content as more people get hooked up and I think that iTunes could put Netflix and Amazon out of business if they did a HD movie rental service (which they are hinting at). If you are willing to invest in some extra hard drive space I think you can start treating your DVDs like your CDs. I can't tell you how much DVD content I don't watch just because I don't want to go looking for it in my big collection. Handbrake makes it so easy and elegant to turn your DVDs into Apple TV-ready content. For instance, I have a lot of concerts on DVD that I don't tend to watch, but I've ripped them into iTunes and can watch them anytime I want now. I was initially skeptical of this machine until I heard great reviews from the Macgeek and others. I am really glad I took the plunge. But if you do decide you want to buy it be warned that there is a 10 percent re-packing fee if you end up wanting to return it.
  5. jingraham

    Apple TV in black and white?!?

    Success! Messed with my tv settings and it works. I guess I had to switch from composite to component input on my the video-2 settings. Thought I tried that before but oh well.
  6. jingraham

    Apple TV in black and white?!?

    Thanks Ignoracious. Silly me. I tried the ol' unplug/plug-back-in trick on my Airport Extreme and the thing is streaming really well now. Amazing actually. No buffering at all, despite the g network. Now if I could only figure out why it's in black and white I would actually keep it. I knew going into this that standard tvs were not supported (wink, wink) but heard so much to the contrary that I decided to take the risk. From everything I read it should work with component video so if anyone has any brilliant ideas please let me know.
  7. jingraham

    Apple TV in black and white?!?

    Hey there friendly Maccasters. I just bought an Apple TV and can't say I'm impressed. First off, I have a component-enabled standard television set that is only displaying the Apple TV content in black and white. I'm not seeing much about this issue elsewhere but obviously it's a deal breaker if I can't resolve it. Does anyone have any ideas: different cables, tv settings, apple tv settings. etc? Also, I have the new Airport extreme streaming and syncing to the Apple TV from an iMac (802.11g). It takes 10-15 seconds for videos (including iTunes purchases) to start streaming and it has to buffer every 20-30 seconds. My laptop does a better job streaming video than the Apple TV! The only reason I bought this thing is because I heard the streaming worked so well, so I imagine something is wrong. Anyone out there able to overcome a similar problem?