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  1. bellevue

    LInux on OldWorld Mac

    So Ubuntu will work with oldworld? I looked at the site and I didn't see any support for old world.
  2. bellevue

    LInux on OldWorld Mac

    I've been looking into linux, and I'm considering installing it on my OLD OldWord mac. Iw as wondering if anyone had some experience with this that could give me somse tips on dsitrobutions, and tips on installing. Thanks.
  3. bellevue

    The Mac Blue Screen of Death?

    That's a Kernel Panic, that is.
  4. bellevue

    Basic Ipod help

    I can't do that with my Ipod..
  5. bellevue

    Nintendo DS

    I don't :? Well, I do, but just barely, and I'd rather keep some handy.
  6. bellevue

    Nintendo DS

    I was wondering if anyone that owned a DS could help me out. I've been looking at them, and I've read some reviews, and they look pretty good. Could anyone give me their opinion on it that has one? Thanks.
  7. bellevue

    Question about RAM

    I have an older iMac, 1.25GHz, 17 in. It came with 256 originally. I bought a 512 stick from Viking, and it's been working quite nicely.
  8. bellevue


    :twisted: haha, nice. I might have to try that with my Dad's powerbook.
  9. bellevue

    Linux on a Mini

    www.idoom.com Download the newest version. Find the file and just drag it onto the image of your mini. It's fun, but hard to see. (the game, that is) If you see me online, and are having trouble, just send me a messege and I'll help.
  10. bellevue

    Linux on a Mini

    I got it to work! Thanks to everyone that helped ;-)
  11. bellevue

    Linux on a Mini

    Could you get on AIM? I have a few more questions...
  12. bellevue

    Linux on a Mini

    I installed it, but now I'm having a problem. . When I boot in to Linux, I get a messege. It says something about "not being able to open the initial console. Kernel panic: no init found, try passing init = option to kernel" I have no idea what's going on.
  13. bellevue

    Linux on a Mini

    I've seen lots of things to get linux on other ipods, but not minis. I have 4g mini. Does anyone know where I could download the installer?
  14. bellevue

    Reverse Color

    that's great fun
  15. bellevue

    gMail Accounts

    I have 100, sideout1993@gmail.com