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  1. webkat

    One Library to rule them all

    I am wondering if this will work for me. I currently have my files on an old iMac (PPC still running Tiger). This is the place where we currently sync all of our iphones and ipods. We also have a slightly newer mac mini (Intel) which we use as our media center in our living room. (We currently stream tunes/photos from the iMac.) In addition, we have a couple of macbooks, both are Intel-based. Our mini and macbooks are running leopard, and I have a family pack for snow leopard on the way. Our mac mini only has 80gb HD though, but we do have a 1T external. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to move my entire itunes library to my mac mini - to the external attached drive. It would probably be easier to just sync our iphones and ipods from the mini in the living room. I plan on updating my macbooks & mini to snow leopard before I made any switches, but I do have a few questions: 1) If I move my itunes library to the external drive attached to my mini, is this going to be a problem when I try to sync our iphones and ipods from this location? 2) Should I use the directions posted here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1449 3) Should I alternately somehow try to use the migration app, and how could you do that for just one application? 4) Is there a better way to do all of this. I would also like to move all of my photos over, and I don't think I'll have a problem with this, as I can use the Option key to navigate to the new iphoto library on the mini. It would be nice to have everything together and then just share these items. Thank you in advance for any advice or insight you may have on my dilemma. Does anyone else use their mini as a media "hub"?
  2. webkat

    Karaoke - CD+G

    Thank you! I will explore that option! BTW - which drive did you buy? Are you happy with it?
  3. webkat

    Karaoke - CD+G

    We have a collection of CD+G disks, and we enjoy singing karaoke with family and friends. We have all our our collection compiled into CD sleeves, and we have a separate booklet listing our songs. I know that PC users have software that not only is able to hold and play their CD+G disks, but to put songs in queue. When I pop my CD+G disk into my MacBook, it only sees it as an audio file. Can anyone tell me if this is even possible on a Mac? It would be great to digitize our library. I have a mac mini that we use with our TV in the living room. It would be great to set up there as it is hooked to the HDTV & also our sound system. Has anyone heard of any software for the Mac? Do I need to have a special drive to even view the CD+G disks? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. webkat

    ipod touch - microphone?

    I did see that link earlier. I too suspected I would have go jailbreak the touch, which I don't want to do. As for the iphone, I am on my 2nd one now. I handed down my old one to a family member when I got the 3G. I wanted the touch for another family member who is too young for his own phone but enjoys playing with them so much, especially Recorder and Voice Notes. I thought it would help to preserve my own phone! Refurbished touch runs $199 now. I wonder if they are set to release another model which will incorporate voice.
  5. webkat

    connect to www.me.com from iphone?

    Can the calendar preference be changed on your iphone? I really like the way they updated the calendar app. I frequently make changes to my calendar, and it syncs with my online version. I have never really tried to change a calendar item through my safari on my iphone. I do know that changes I make to my calendar are updated on my me.com page though.
  6. webkat

    iPhone display fault

    I would take your phone to the Apple store to have them check it out. In my first gen iPhone I had a similar problem, but only noticed it when reading email. It was a kind of smudge type thing. They looked at it, said it had a problem with the screen & gave me another one. Good luck!
  7. Is there such a thing? I have searched on the internet & found a couple of articles which speak to the supposed capability of the ipod touch to use voice, but haven't found a definitive product available which will do just that. Does anyone have the ipod touch and use voice capability for the new apps such as Recorder or Voice Memo?
  8. webkat

    New Apple store opens near me tomorrow! ;-) ...

    A five minute drive?!?!? If only I had one within my state I'd be happy. :roll: Kat PS - we have no MUGs here either. Those of you close to Apple store &/or MUGs are very lucky indeed.
  9. When my grandson was two he also was fascinated with computers (still is). At that time a friend of mine gave me a dead keyboard. We gave it to him to play with & he had a blast. Not sure if you can get by with a keyboard with no computer, but Sebastian sure liked it. Kat
  10. webkat

    New Apple store opens near me tomorrow! ;-) ...

    Omigosh. I'll be traveling right by that location tomorrow. I may just have to stop in. (vacation...touring new england states & heading cross state to see niagara falls) Tempting. Try being in OKC area. Nearest Apple store is Dallas area, which is about 3 1/2-4 hour drive. :cry: Kat
  11. webkat

    ftp from finder

    Can't you FTP through the terminal? I have never done this myself as I do use Dreamweaver interface & occasionally use Fetch. But I do have an OSX book which describes the different FTP commands through the terminal. (you may be looking for a GUI interface though...) Kat
  12. webkat

    App for tracking billable hours

    I use ibiz by igg software. Kat
  13. webkat

    The eMacCast

    Mitch, I absolutely LOVE this!! You have done a super job with dividing up Adam's maccast & then adding artwork & links. You rock! Thanks so much!! Kat
  14. webkat

    Tiger broke my new printer

    I have an okidata network printer c5150n which won't allow network printing after the upgrade to tiger. I'm hoping for a fix soon. Luckily I still have an older imac in the kitchen running jaguar, so I print what I need from there, but it's a pain. Kat
  15. webkat

    Get your free Jabber ID at JabberMac.com!

    I honestly haven't tried again. :oops: I'll have to try it again when I get back home. Grabbing wireless right now at my hotel, so don't have time to work with it much. Thanks! Kat