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  1. I am moving a folder from my laptop to an external drive to free up space. In this folder, I have aliases in some subfolders that refer to files in other subfolders. However, when I move the folder, the aliases seem to be broken. Is there a way to either copy or create aliases so that it refers to another file using the relative folder reference: e.g. Alias 1 refers to: Alias 1 is in: Volume 1/Folder 1/SubFolder 1/ and refers to a file: Volume 1/Folder 1/SubFolder 2/file 1 once moved, the alias is located at: Volume 2/Folder 1/SubFolder 1/ and once moved to the new volume, I would like for it to automatically refer to: Volume 2/Folder 1/SubFolder 2/file 1 Is this possible? Thanks.