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  1. the_faulkenator

    Apple Intel Switch paper

    I am in the 11th. It was just a project to show how fast-paced technology companies run.
  2. the_faulkenator

    Apple Intel Switch paper

    I had to write this paper for class. Tell me what you think http://bentcreeksw.homeunix.com/The%20Maci...el%20Switch.doc
  3. the_faulkenator

    iTunes Gift Card

    Awesome. Thanks guys.
  4. the_faulkenator

    iTunes Gift Card

    Okay. My friend's birthday is coming up, and I bought him a $15 gift card to ITMS. However, I just remembered he doesn't have a ITMS account or a credit card to get one. His mom won't let him use hers. either. Is there anyway he can get the music?
  5. the_faulkenator


    What podcatss do you guys subscribe to? For me, I am a MacCast, CNN, and Apple New Music man.
  6. http://www.google.com/search?client=safari...=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
  7. the_faulkenator

    Defrag program

    neither are necessary. this isnt windows! rejoice.
  8. tons. GIMP, Photoshop, DeBabelizer Pro, GraphicConverter....the list goes on and on and on
  9. the_faulkenator

    .pages Format

    is Apple Pages .pages format open? I know it is based on XML, but could other applications be made to open it? I need compatibility, and I would rather not export to MS Word *shudders*
  10. Hi all. I have recently become a big fan of .Mac. I am almost ready to move all of my things to it and begin using it at full speed, with the exception of my email. I am currently using Gmail and slowly using my .Mac trial account for mail. The only problem is moving to my new email address. When I first bought my Mac (about a year ago), I signed up for a .Mac trial account with a username I like. I didn't really use it, however, and am now using a different username for my trial. When I purchase .Mac (or rather get it for Christmas), I am going to use my old username. How will I get my mail there? I would like to move my important mail from my Gmail and current trial .Mac email addresses to my new one. Is there a way to do this easily, without having to mess up my pretty little mailbox with Forward initials and such? I am using Mail 2.0 and Tiger. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  11. the_faulkenator

    Mac Emulator for Pc

    running Tiger (or any version of the Mac OS) through an emulator, or on anything other than Apple hardware, is illegal in itself. Worrying about having a licensed copy of OS X would be the last of my worries.
  12. the_faulkenator


    I just got StickyBrain, some sort of personal organizor. As I am a organization freak, this seemed like a great app. However, I really can't get the "swing" of it, yet. Could any StickyBrain useres give me a few tricks and tell me how they have theirs going?
  13. the_faulkenator

    Multi-Button Mouse Future

    This bothered me as well, however I love how the Mighty Mouse provides users with the option of still using it as a one button mouse. You can use both. I think the folks that like single button mouses will stick with pressing in the middle, and the more advanced folks will go with the two buttons. I think Apple should ship the new mouses with their machines, as it could also reduce the learning curve a PC user might have. It also will still allow users to stick with the one button. I like the idea of having the option, without sacrificing the tradition. (Plus, developers will still make their apps user-friendlyfor one-button mouses as most basic users will still rely on them). I think the new mouse is just good all around.
  14. the_faulkenator

    External Harddrive Recommendations

    what about an internal hard drive? are those safe? i'm thinking maybe that will eliminate the desktop clutter and i won't have to buy the FW enclosure.