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  1. Sean MacGeek

    iPod Hard drive replacement service

    Yeah, I found out as much when I went to check it out. The Genius Bar said they'd be cheaper, but it's a no-go as far as that goes. The replacement drives that I found from the above link were $160, so I guess that I'll be bearing with my tottering, half-fried HD for a while while I budget the money to purchase (actually more of a trade-in) a refurb @ the Apple Store.
  2. Can anyone reccomend to me a good service to have my 3rd Gen 20GB iPod's hard drive replaced? It's gone bum on me just recently, and my "local" Apple Store Genius said that all they could do was give me a refurbished one for $200, but suggested that I try a third party service before going to that extreme. I'm looking for a good price, but also important is quality of service and how the 'Pod gets treated (comes back looking just as good as when it left, or as close as possible).
  3. Sean MacGeek

    iTunes 5

    An interesting note on the aforementioned video iPods: Whereas Jobs had previously flat-out denied the "iPod Video", in a recent interview on the ABC News podcast called "Shuffle" the following exchange took place: TAPPER: When are we going to see a video iPod? And what are the other future developements for the iPod? JOBS: Well, you know us; we never talk about future products. So there was no outright denial as there had been before...which may mean absolutely nothing, of course.