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  1. Hi folks, After a download completes in iTunes it displays 'processing file' underneath the progress bar. It takes about 3-4 mins. per track. What is it doing? Could it somehow be re-encoding the file with your user details (iTunes account ID for example)? This would make DRM free files identifiable if shared on a peer-to-peek network... just theorising... I can't see any other practical reason for this amount of time spent 'processing'. If anybody wants to swap md5 hashes for a iTunes Plus file I'm really happy to purchase the track too. If the hashes are the same then at least we know this isn't the case ) Cheers, Dan
  2. boyfarrell

    My Leopard Menu Bar Isn't Transparent -- Whoo!

    Hi, Yes, the picture doesn't show it very well but even with a colourful background the menu bar is opaque. It is interesting; it seems that G4 hardware doesn't do the transparency. Weird has it can do all the other quartz stuff no problem...? Maybe I should post a bug for this? DJF
  3. Hello, My Leopard Menu Bar Isn't Transparent! Not that I'm complaining, I always did think that it looked silly like that. I would like to know why it isn't transparent? Could it be my hardware? I'm running a PowerBook G5 1.5Ghz with 1Gb ram stick installed. Cheers, DJF
  4. boyfarrell

    Finder Has Lost The Will To Live errr... Eject

    Okay, getting interesting now... The guest account (which is actually as old as my account) has an Eject in the menu. I've done all the repair permissions stuff (even from the boot DVD). I might have a go a running onyx or something similar? Dan.
  5. boyfarrell

    Finder Has Lost The Will To Live errr... Eject

    Hi, Nope nothing normal seems to work. I have just discovered that opening disk utility and click the eject botton will eject the media. What could have happened to make my system do this? It's so strange, Regards, Dan
  6. boyfarrell

    Finder Has Lost The Will To Live errr... Eject

    Nope... If memory serves me correctly the Eject option normally lives under the Delete option and is 'grayed out' when noting is available to eject. I don't have an eject at all... Dan.
  7. Hi Folks, A very strange problem here! Finder has lost the ability to Eject things, yes anything, disk images, CDs, DVDs, USB disks, Network Servers... everything! As you can see I no longer have an eject option in the file menu!
  8. boyfarrell

    Jabber question

    I'm not to sure about your set up but you could use a client that supports msn, like adium? Check my screenshot it's very pretty! (Adium also supports Jabber) Dan.
  9. boyfarrell

    New to Mac. How to send all open windows to dock?

    I use expose F9 as a replacment to windows+m when I switched.
  10. boyfarrell

    Best BitTorrent client for OS X?

    Bits on wheels for me too, but I'll give azureus a go too. Did you know that aquisition now has bit torrent support.
  11. boyfarrell

    Wireless harddisk connected to airport express?

    Hi, I have on mac on my home network, a powerbook. I basically want to network this external harddrive so that it gives my powerbook more space, but without having a load of wires hanging around. The other way to go would be to get a mac mini and as you say wirelessly connect that to the network then connect the the external to that via USB. So that's why I'm on the look out or a USB dongle that will make by external harddisk apppear on the network. Hope that clears up my motives. Dan.
  12. Hi everybody, How can I wirelessly network my existing firewire/USB external harddisk with my airport express network? I've been running out of space on my powerbook (60Gb) ever since I stated doing a bit of home recording. It would be great to put all my iTunes library and other media on an external and just network to it when required. Is there some sort of USB wireless or bluetooth dongle that will enable this? :-s Daniel
  13. boyfarrell

    Linux on a Mac

    Another way to get Diablo II working on your Mac! Use an open source version of the Windows APIs i.e. Wine. http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?versionId=49
  14. boyfarrell

    Linux on a Mac

    I thought :twisted: Windows :twisted: was the gaming platform. What can you do on Linux games wise?
  15. boyfarrell

    Linux on a Mac

    Sorry that didn't work for you?! Are you in the UK, I could mail my live disk over. States might take a very long time to get there.... That said I'm sure you can get it working, with a few more days messing around!