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  1. look, i'm not your stereotypical rich mac user. i switched to a mac last year because I got lucky and had enough completed referrals on freeminimacs.com to get a mac mini. my total household income is only $20,000. the only way I could have afforded a macbook was to wait for my federal and state grants to go through and then after saving part of the money for textbooks, use the rest on a macbook in addition to selling my mac mini on ebay. don't be so cocky to think that i'm procrastinating and everyone that uses a mac is as fortunate enough as you to be able to order one without a financial plan.
  2. because apple online is the worst company I've ever have to deal with. Sure, most companies have an escape clause for shipping estimates just so they don't get sued if something goes horribly wrong, but you know what? Apple is the first company I've experience that actually abuses this. Look, the only reason why I'm in a hurry to get this Macbook is i'm heading off to college this weekend, but from the looks of it, it seems that my parents will have to reship it to my dorm. Next time, I'll just buy the stock one at Apple Retail, switch the parts myself for cheap using 3rd party components, and sell the Apple parts on ebay to make up the difference. And a final note: If you don't have anything to say to further a discussion, don't say anything at all. This is a forum, not a blog of rants. EDIT: From the looks of it, JohnT is nothing more than an Apple Fanboy that turns a blind eye when apple does something wrong: "If people must run Windows progs why not get a PC - they're cheap and nasty enough!!" Ever been to college? Most collegiate engineering and mathematics departments requires the use of software that's only designed for Windows. e.g. AutoCAD, Minitab. That's one reason why people must use Windows; because we have to for a few programs. (Regarding the Mighty Mouse) "I've used one for over 6 months now...It's easy and foolproof if it's used properly - take the left finger off before you right click!" Look, i'm not going to modify my own computing behaviors just to workaround a design flaw Apple made. If they used two sensors instead of one, the mighty mouse wouldn't have problems determining what "button" I'm clicking.
  3. Things just got more interesting... I e-mailed support again to ask if they can change my custom macbook to a standard stock one while keeping the order number the same (I need it this way cause for college students, the free nano and mac have to be under the same order). Here's the reply I got: Would this be a good sign? If it's "already in process for shipping," how much longer can it take?
  4. ugh....its past the estimated ship date. so i popped an email over to apple support and I got this back: About 5 hours later, I recieved this computer generated notification: What should I assume? The person saying it should be ready to go out the door or the auto-generated one telling me to wait 1.5 more weeks. If the customer support rep is right, I wouldn't want to cancel a nice custom configured Macbook for a stock one, but if the new "estimate" is right, I might as well cancel it and get a stock one...
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    MacBook FIRMWARE Update

    alright, my bad...
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    Microsoft Winbook Pro

    don't you mean warm people :-P?
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    MacBook FIRMWARE Update

    from what i've read on the apple discussion forums, all this better fan management thing does is keeps your fan on all the time at a slow speed...sure, it solves the problem with the fast fan spinning mooing issue, but it introduces a new problem: noisy notebook...just like all the other ones out on the market.
  8. alright, it looks like it'll be ready come monday...hopefully, apple is referring to business day in china, since they're a day ahead, which would mean it'll be ready to ship on sunday here in the states. anyone know how long it will take for apple/fedex/ups to ship to the east coast? i highly doubt 5 days via this "ground shipping".
  9. lol, i dont think running 30 miles with an apple store bag containing a notebook is very smart...technically and in terms of personal safety...
  10. true, but I don't have a car and the nearest Apple Store is about 30 miles away..
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    Microsoft Winbook Pro

    LOL!!! Why not throw in CampFire? Run OS X on a Winbook via OSx86*! :-P *Please note that neither myself or anyone affiliated with the maccast forums or the maccast podcast condone the violation of the United States Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998 or the violation and/or theft of intellectual property.
  12. I'd do the same except being a college student, I'm getting a free nano. Not to mention it's already shipped (along with my notebook case/backpack...)
  13. hi everyone, this is my first experience with apple online. I just placed an order for a white 1.83GHz macbook build to order with an 80GB hdd. I know it takes less than 20 mins to swap that stock 60 with an 80, but however, the order status page gave me the worst case scenario: 3 days. Just from your experiences on the apple online store, do they really take 3 days to swap out one component? the reason I ask is I start college on the 28th and I would really love to have my macbook with me when I begin...and not to mention my birthday is on the 26th and it was supposed to be a gift for me from my parents.. I'm hoping that it will not take 3 days to customize and 5 days to arrive... P.S. do all apple online orders originate from CA or do they do it like amazon.com where distribution centers are allover the US? I'm ~3000 miles away here in Northern VA... ...it would suck if it did take 5 days to get here..
  14. http://www.miniplayer.info/ interesting...
  15. My problem is whenever the iPod needs to access the hard drive for information, such as whenever I hook it up to my computer to sync or when it reads an audio or video file for playback. the clicks are pretty quiet, about half the sound level of a wall clock 'tick tock', but I am concerned. I purchased it about 3 weeks ago, and when i got in the mail, it had this issue to begin with. This never seemed to have happened on my old 4th gen 20gb, or it happend so quietly that I did not noticed. Is this clicking normal noise normal? Do you think I should get an applecare plan for the iPod just in case it goes ker-plunk? I have an Apple Store about 40 mins from where I live, do you think it would be wise for me to go and have them check this out?