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  1. WVMikeP

    Weird Safari behavior

    Has anyone else had this problem? I still get this weird scrollbar problem a lot.
  2. WVMikeP

    Upgrade dilema

    Thanks. Nice setup btw.
  3. WVMikeP

    Upgrade dilema

    Thanks. I was concerned it wouldn't save the settings and I'd have to go through that each time. Now, I just need to determine how important mobility is to me. Fortunately, I've got a couple months to work that out.
  4. WVMikeP

    Upgrade dilema

    Thanks, but as far as the external monitor setup is concerned, I'd like all my apps to be on my external monitor (menus and all). Is this doable without reconfiguring the desktop each time I switch between being remote and all connected at the desk?
  5. WVMikeP

    Upgrade dilema

    So, after 4 years, I'm looking to upgrade from my Dual G5/1.8 to something more modern. Basically, World of Warcraft, Lightroom, and Photoshop CS3 don't perform all that great on it. Mobility would be nice, but it's not so critical that I couldn't keep borrowing my wife's iBook. Questions I have are: How do the current crop of iMacs hold up with WoW and PS without making sacrifices in WoW outside of "fullscreen glow?" Can the MacBook Pro be used such that when at my desk, the primary workspace is my external monitor (20" widescreen)? Does anyone else have similar requirements that would be able to point me to the right model (or family)? Though doable, the anticpated $3K pricetags I've been seeing have me kind of mortified (my wife even moreso).
  6. WVMikeP

    Weird Safari behavior

    Yep. 3.0.4
  7. WVMikeP

    Weird Safari behavior

    Does anyone have any idea why Safari might leave a scrollbar stuck visually on a web page that can only be removed by scrolling it out of sight? I'm providing a screenshot of the offending scrollbar on an Apple web page. In addition, in case someone thinks memory might be an issue (I originally thought it might be), I've also included a screenshot from Activity Monitor.
  8. WVMikeP

    Good backup software for incremental backups

    SuperDuper appears great at what it does, but what it doesn't do is what I'm looking for: the ability to revert to a prior version and not just the version from the last backup.
  9. I just bought SuperDuper to go with my new external HD (LaCie 320GB) and I'm looking for software that not only can do a full backup, but can do incremental backups as well. This is where I already don't like SuperDuper. Is the Retrospect Express software that I got with the drive worth it in this respect, or should I look elsewhere?
  10. WVMikeP

    Leopard on a G5 worth it?

    I tried to see if this question had been asked already, but search didn't show anything. I have a dual 1.8GHz G5 with 2GB RAM. Has anyone with a similar machine installed Leopard? Is it slower? I basically use my machine for Photoshop, Lightroom, and World of Warcraft.
  11. WVMikeP

    Filesharing troubles

    I found the problem. Both my router and my Airport AP were set up to assign IP addresses. I looked at it and sure enough. 2 computers on 2 different networks, essentially.
  12. I am trying to set up file saring temporarily between my G5 (10.4) and my Mac Mini (10.3). My G5 is connected to my router and my Mac Mini is connected via Airport (I have the 802.11g base station connected to the router). Unlike my iBook (10.4), which can see and be seen by the G5 while plugged into the router, the Mini and G5 are invisible to each other using personal file sharing. Reading an Apple support page, I even tried turning on AppleTalk. No dice. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?
  13. WVMikeP

    help please: sleep problem

    The funny thing......it didn't give me an option.
  14. WVMikeP

    help please: sleep problem

    Personally, I'd like to set my dual 1.8 G5 to sleep when I'm done for the night. However, ever since I installed 10.4, I've had the "sleep of death" (at least as I call it). The screen would go dark, but the machine is still running at normal power until several minutes later, when the machine gets progressively louder until it's so frighteningly loud, I shut it off with the power button. This doesn't affect my iBook though. Is there any fix for this?