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  1. I need help identifying the right hardware and software to accomplish the following. A system that controls 14 video displays all in 14 different rooms. A centralized control system that would allow one video streamed to all of them simultaneously, or being able to select any one or multiple of those screens to play individual content when needed. These are for 14 exam rooms in a doctors office that would continually play kid friendly movies. As needed, an individual room would need the capacity to run a short educational video on a given topic. Currently the monitors are already in every room. They are all wired into a DVD player that simply loops movies. I would prefer to control all of this with the Mac Mini we already have. Suggestions?
  2. I have an iPhone 3G (not 3Gs) I purchased refurb. I was on the AT&T wireless web site paying my bill and noticed that there were instructions on how to "unblock" the iPhone. Here's the exact cut and paste, except that I've changed the name and code it gave me... >>> To unblock your SIM card, follow the instructions below on your phone. Apple iPhone 3G John Doe 2125551234 PUK Code : 12345678 How to Unblock your SIM Card You'll need your phone in hand to unblock your SIM Card. First, enter the 8-digit PUK code, then press OK/Yes. Note: Some Motorola phone users will need to enter **05* if "enter PUK" is not already displayed. After entering **05*, then enter the 8-digit PUK code and press OK. Select a new PIN code, then press OK/Yes. Re-enter the PIN code, then press OK/Yes. If the codes were entered successfully, the phone is ready for use. >>> Am I understanding that this unlocks my iphone, allowing me to put another SIM card, such as a Tmobile card or international card using the same network technology into the iPhone and have it work? Has anybody actually followed this process? Thanks
  3. smc935

    Can my iMac take more RAM?

    Thanks for the info. We're not going to replace this iMac just yet... only bought it a few months ago as a refurb and it is serving its purpose just fine.
  4. I have an iMac 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM running OS 10.5.6 I think it can take another gig of ram but I'm not sure. How can I determine if it will take another gig without actually opening the computer and looking for an empty slot? Also, anyone know what kind of memory this would take? Thanks
  5. A friend of mine and I are both working together on a video project. We want to be able to transfer files back and forth over the internet, but they are often too large, often 10+ gigs. Any way we can directly FTP or otherwise transfer them from Mac to Mac over the net?
  6. smc935

    who should I have fix my mac?

    For anyone who is interested, I found what I see as a good repair option. I used Macservice.com, a California-based company that I found on Google. They have several options and the prices vary. Essentially you either have them send you a pre-paid shipping container, or ship it to them yourself. When they receive it, they diagnose the problem and let you know what it will cost. Their web site has a list of common problems and what the cost will be based on your model Mac. If you decide it isn't worth being fixed, they charge you $49 for the diagnosis and the cost of shipping it back to you. They send text message status updates telling you when the package arrives at the facility, when it is diagnosed, and when it is shipped back. Very convenient. They diagnose within 24 hours. In fact, I had a phone call from them with the problem and cost within a few hours of UPS confirming they had received the computer. All in all it isn't cheap but I was very satisfied with the service.
  7. iBook G4 1.2ghz was recently diagnosed as needing a new logic board. I'm not willing to shell out the $450 to do it. So.... I'd like to salvage what was on my 30gig harddrive. I am confident I can get the thing out properly. Anyone recommend a good enclosure? What kind of specs should I look for in an external enclosure? Thanks
  8. smc935

    Wireless for G3 iMac

    My iMac Core Duo 1.8 ghz 802.11g connects to the internet via my Netgear 802.11b/g router. Works perfectly. I'm hesitant to use a USB wireless adaptor because, if I understand correctly, this is NOT a USB 2.0 slot so the connection will be especially slow. Is that right? In the end I may just end up having to use an old fashioned ethernet cable and plug the thing directly in.
  9. smc935

    Wireless for G3 iMac

    I'm purchasing a G3 iMac - the graphite one that was pretty much the last of it's line with a slot-loading DVD and has been upgraded to OS 10.3. It is Airport compatible but does not have an airport card. It is NOT airport extreme compatible. That means, as far as I can tell, the airport card I need is no longer available through apple. I'm purchasing the computer for my kids to play on the internet. I don't need it to be superfast, I just want it to connect to the internet. I know I can do this with a cable, but I'd prefer wireless for convenience in locating the computer. As far as I can tell my two options are find an airport card (anyone know where?). Or to just use a USB wireless network adaptor. Can anyone tell me of a model of wireless network adaptor (b or g or both) that I can trust will work well with this system? Option 3, can anybody recommend a wireless ethernet bridge that will work? Thanks
  10. smc935

    who should I have fix my mac?

    I took it to an Apple store. They said it was simply the additional memory I had added a few years ago when I bought it. They said to replace it and it would be fine. I did. Nothing changed.
  11. iBOOK G4. Turn it on, all that happens is a dull screen glow and blowing fan. No boot. Need to find a site I can trust to mail it in, have it diagnosed, then fixed and mailed back. Any recommendations? Experiences welcomed?
  12. My iBook G4 stopped working. I power it on and the fan turns on full speed/loud and the screen powers on (I can see that it is lighted) but nothing comes on the screen and it won't actually boot up. Took it to a Genius at the Apple store who took it into the back of the store and came out 10 minutes later saying the add-in memory card I had installed a couple years ago was bad. I replaced it but it made no difference. Any ideas? Also, any recommendations for where to send this for repair?
  13. smc935

    tmobile iphone

    Anybody currently using the latest generation iPhone on Tmobile. I'm seriously considering getting my hands on one and using it with Tmobile. How is it working for you? How about data? App store?
  14. smc935

    input on calendar (iPod Touch)

    Not edit???? What kind of a useless restriction is that? How long does the battery last with wifi running?
  15. Am I correct in understanding that the iPod Touch does not allow any input in the iCal? In other words, you can only view on your iPod Touch. Inputting is only available through the computer (in contrast to the iPhone which allows you to view and input)?