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  1. shamus

    Print 2 images on 1 page

    I have 2 images in landscape orientation and want to print them on 1 side of a piece of paper. Any ideas?
  2. I have a iPod touch and am loving it. I was wondeing if the earbuds that come with the iPhone would work on the iPod touch. I like the idea of being able to just squeeze the cord to pause the iPod instread of having to pull it out of my pocket and double tap and click.
  3. I just bought the iPod touch. I cannot wait. It is the iPod that I was waiting for. Finally multitouch in CANADA!!!!
  4. shamus

    iMovie Not working

    The update to iMovie 7.0.1 fixed both problems.
  5. shamus

    iMovie Not working

    I have to delete the pref file every time and once I had iMovie up and running I noticed that it doesn't have the folder for iPhoto Movies. Would I have to import those first?
  6. shamus

    iMovie Not working

    I got the new version iLife. Every program but iMovie will launch properly. The only way I can get iMovie to launch is to delete com.apple.iApps.plist. I have tried creating a new account and launching iMovie and it launches just fine. Does anyone have any ideas.
  7. I have subscribed to a lot of podcasts. I have iTunes set to keep all of the podcasts. Some of my podcasts like to go back and redownload older podcasts that I have already listend to and deleted. So when I get home I check and see what new podcasts I have, there is a bunch that I have already listened to and deleted. Most of the podcasts are video so them suck up a lot of my allowed bandwidth. Some of the podcasts that I notice this on are Macbreak (video) and wallstrip, Discovery News (audio).
  8. shamus

    Low battery warning

    Is there any software that will warn you when you have very little power left in your battery and tell you to plug in the power cord?
  9. I am connecting my iMac to the internet directly, is there a big worry for me or should I go out and grap a cheap router. I used to have a airport express but my wife left for school for 4 months and took it with her.
  10. shamus

    Tiny Url. service

    I have a 20" Core 2 Dou iMac, it is OSX 10.4.9 and I my account is a standard user. I am trying to find where to put the tinyurl.service. Check out http://www.macworld.com/weblogs/macgems/20...rvice/index.php The article says to place the file in /Library/Services (to make it available to all users on your Mac) or ~/Library/Services (to restrict its use to only your own account), and I cannot fide those folders. I have also tried puting the location name into the Go box. Any help will be appreciated
  11. shamus

    Disc Imaging

    Is there a program that could make a clone/image of a music cd then use Disk utility or some other program to mount that image so that when I get home I can mount that image and have iTune import the CD with all of the info it gets from Gracenotes. It is that when I get these CDs I am not connected to a network. Thanks