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    TimeCapsule Question

    Thanks, I am aware that it does not have N in it. That is why I listed it under my G devices.
  2. MacFanatic

    TimeCapsule Question

    Hi Everyone, While I wait for my new MacBook Pro (specs below for those interested) I want to change around my networking some since my MacBook Pro will have N capabilities. I still have a few G devices - iPod Touches, Wii, xbox 360 and I would like to keep these on a separate network so I can get the fastest speed possible out of my 1TB timecapsule. Here is how I currently setup my TimeCapsule tonight: Network Name: OuterGalaxy Radio Mode: 802.11a - 802.11b/g Manual Channel 1 WPA 2 Personal Then under wireless Network Options: 5Ghz Network Name: NGalaxy Multicast Rate: Low Transmit Power 100% Using Interference Robustness My questions is, I am not seeing my 5GHz network name on my iPod touch - Is this because it does not have an N radio in it? Essentially I would like to isolate all devices on my network so I can get the most speed of the N going to my MacBook Pro. Is this possible, or would the simplest thing to do is hookup a separate G router? If you could offer any help at all that would be great!! Thanks MacBook Pro Specs: 15" Upgraded Hi Res Display Core i7 @ 2.66GHz 4 gigs of Ram 500GB HDD @ 7200rpm
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    MacBook Trackpad button

    hi everyone, the trackpad button on my first gen macbook has gotten so bad to the point there is no spring action left at all on it and if you even gently rest your wrist in the area of the button it thinks it is being pushed. My applcare has expired and I was wondering if there was anything that I could do to fix this issue? Thanks!
  4. MacFanatic

    Time for my TimeCapsule

    Hi All, Well it appears that today is the day for my first gen timecapsule. When I got home it was sending off a loud buzzing noise which I assume is the harddrive spinning or the fan dying. It starts to power cycle itself as it is making the buzzing noise. However even though it is flashing orange now, I still have internet access. Has anyone had any luck with a replacement from apple? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. MacFanatic

    Time for my TimeCapsule

    I'm not the only one, if you remember, Adam was talking about this issue a few episodes back. Also, I have several western digital hard drives that I've had for years, and haven't had any problems with them; but I do know drives die.
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    Advanced AppleScript

    Hi Everyone, We are a windows campus except for 50 macs in two labs that I manage. I have successfully bound them to our active directory server using directory utility. On the windows machine, we have a script that runs at login to automount SMB network shares. From my network admin, I was able to obtain that script. I was wondering how I could convert this script to an apple script so that when a student / faculty member logs onto a mac their credentials are checked against the AD server and then they are automapped based off of the AD server info. For example, here is a small section of the script: IF InGroup("GED Staff") Use s: "\\GCC-FS1\GED$" Use m: "\\GCC-ACT2\GED_MATH$ Endif The InGroup section is the data information that is pulled from active directory users and computers to see which department they belong to. I'm not sure if this is possible to do on a mac but if you could offer any advice that would be awesome! Thanks
  7. MacFanatic

    HardDrive Testing

    Could anyone recommend a good piece (preferably free) of software that I can install in a 2007 iMac for harddrive reliability, etc? Thanks!
  8. MacFanatic

    Window Sizes / Locations

    Hi All ... When I'm in my room with my laptop, I 'dock' it to a 22" widescreen. I am running on a core duo 13" macbook. What I'm wondering is if there is an application of sorts that remembers the location and size of your windows with different resolutions? So when I use my 22" it is set at 1280x1050 and without its 1280x800. If you have any ideas of something that might work for my situation that would be great. Thanks!!
  9. MacFanatic

    Remote Login

    Until I get ARD for the macs on campus that I work with, what would you recommend I do to take control of the macs in the other building from my office? Just screen sharing built in with os x or a secondary app? Thanks
  10. MacFanatic

    Remote Login

    ARD = Apple Remote Desktop. Take control of macs from across campus.
  11. MacFanatic

    Netbooting without OS Server

    Has anyone ever come across a way to do a netboot and deploy images on os x leopard without any version of server handy? Thanks!
  12. MacFanatic

    Network Account Logins

    I currently manage mac labs running ~50 machines. My campus will be buying an os x server eventually, but until then we are authenticating against active directory for our users to login. Here is my question. I know its possible but I cannot remember how. What I want to do is setup a default profile on the macs (administrator, etc) then when a student logs in using their network user name and password via the "other" selection at the login screen, I want their account to mirror the main account that was created on the iMac. Is this possible to do without os x server, if so how? For example, dock, wallpaper, energy saver prefs, etc that have already been setup on the main Administrator account. Thanks!!
  13. MacFanatic

    Macbook Fans

    I scheduled an appointment today to bring my core duo first gen macbook into the genius bar so they can take a look at it. Lately the fans have been making a lot of noise and just don't sound right with a grinding sound coming out of them -- I just hope I can replicate the problem tomorrow! I shouldn't need to bring anything with me right? It's been a while since I made an appointment. Also will they get angry since I changed the hard drive out in my macbook and put a nonapple one in? Thanks!
  14. MacFanatic

    Growl Problem

    Sometimes for no reason growl will stop working on my system, like it is now. No applications are showing growl notifications and when I check to see if it is enabled, it is enabled and running. Does anyone have any idea what this occurs or what I could do to get it working again? I have the latest version installed. Thanks!
  15. MacFanatic

    Firewire Gear

    So today at work my boss pitched to me that he wants to start a bunch of different podcasts and knew that I was very interested in them, so he has put me in charge as director of podcasts / production manager. For my first order of business, I have to order a firewire sound board which i recommended to capture the channels independently, mics, and later on down the line a phone pbx to record phone calls. He wants to use windowz though so I will be using this on a PC going into Adobe Soundbooth. If it is FW, all channels will be captured separately right? Since we will be hosting the podcasts in studio I want to use a 6 channel firewire mixer. Can anyone recommend a good board with 6 XLR inputs? I have spent a lot of time searching but am having trouble finding this. If possible I would like to stay under $1,000 USD because we will be ordering dedicated mics as well. If you can have any input on this that would be great. Thanks in advanced!!
  16. MacFanatic

    Garageband Jam Packs

    I am thinking of buying the symphony orchestra and voices jam packs. Does anyone have demos of either of these? Thanks!
  17. I just bought a new iPod Classic since my old 30 gig 5th gen doesn't hold its charge much anymore and is starting to click very loudly - been using my iPod touch in the mean time however it's getting filled quickly! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good and durable case for my iPod? It will be sliding around in my car and all while driving so I would like it to be well protected. Thanks!
  18. MacFanatic

    iPod Case Recommendation?

    Hey thanks! I might invest in an iSkin ... Looks really nice . What is the material like?
  19. MacFanatic

    TimeCapsule Backups

    Oh sweet, thanks! I didn't know you could drag and drop like that into TimeCapsule
  20. MacFanatic

    TimeCapsule Backups

    Does anyone have a trick for this? I would like to backup my iTunes library, however it currently is just on a drive with a 500 gig external drive with a lot of information on it, which I do not need to backup. On the drive, I have the iTunes folder with other folders on the root of the drive. Are there any tips just to set TimeMachine system preferences just so that it will just backup a folder and not the whole drive? Thanks!
  21. MacFanatic

    Leopard Dropping WiFi?

    Does anyone else with leopard have problems with dropping wifi? I always run my macbook on wifi, and have noticed lately that even if I am downloading something from iTunes, I have to restart my router completly. I am just curious if this is happening to anyone else? I am getting a time capsule when they come out!!
  22. MacFanatic

    MacBook Harddrive Upgrade

    If I update my Core Duo macbook harddrive, does that void the warranty? It is a first generation that is covered by apple care still. Also, does anyone know the size / data connection and how big of a drive in gigs that it can support? I tried finding some support on apples site but with no luck. Thanks!
  23. MacFanatic

    MacBook Harddrive Upgrade

    I looked at this drive from bestbuy bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8682222&type=product&id=1197679249375 just so i could go and pick it up now. The only thing that is worrying me is that it only says PC compatible. One of the reviews said it was used in their macbook. Can anyone confirm that this will work in my macbook?
  24. MacFanatic

    MacBook Harddrive Upgrade

    Do you know what specs my drive has to be? First gen, core duo macbook.
  25. MacFanatic

    Changing Screen Resoltions

    I am going to send Adam a voice mail regarding this for the upcoming show.