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    iTunes Error Codes

    Does anyone have a link to a site that will help explain what all of the error codes in iTunes mean? The particular error code I'm concerned with today is -3260, but I'd appreciate knowing where to go to look them up. Thanks for any help you can give.
  2. TeacherBarb

    Publisher-type Software for Mac?

    Could someone please point me to software that might help with a middle school Art/English project? Kids need to produce books, with scanned drawings inserted along with narratives. I need publishing software that will automatically nest the pages (I believe they are called "signatures") so the students can then bind them by sewing them. These books will then be sent to third world countries for children to read/continue writing the stories. We have Appleworks, Pages, and Microsoft Office. None of these seems to have the layout feature that will layout a whole book in this manner. I believe Microsoft Publisher WILL do this, but we don't have licenses for it. Last year I tried to layout a template for the students in Microsoft Office, and it was far too cumbersome. We want to attempt it again this year...MUST find an easier way! Does anyone know of any shareware/freeware/relatively cheap software which would aid my students in easily producing these books? Or...am I missing something? Can I get AW, Pages, or Office to do this in a way I don't know about? I tried version tracker, but was unsuccessful in finding a lead. Perhaps I'm not using the correct keywords... Thanks for any help anyone can give.