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  1. ncaprioli

    Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    Mac pop up frequently in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and CSI Miami. Lucy or Darius (in S60) is usually working on a MacBook Pro in the writer's room. In CSI Miami, usually the DNA or Trace labs have either Mac monitors or iMacs in them.
  2. ncaprioli

    BlackBook in Studio 60?

    Does anyone else think that Matt uses a Black MacBook in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? In the 2nd Episode, it actually looks like it's running windows and office 2007. But in the third episode, it is clearly running the OS X version of Word. Funny...
  3. ncaprioli

    Xserve Question

    I recently acquried an older Xserve for the use of my school's podcast. The problem is that I don't know how to connect to it to see the GUI (Graphical User Interface). Connecting a monitor to it is completely out of the question because it is in the basement (of the school) under lock and key. Also, if anyone knows of a tutorial site for Xserves for beginners, that would be appreciated. Thanks for your help! Nick
  4. ncaprioli

    My Mac Setup

    Ok...I think I put this picture in right...
  5. ncaprioli

    iPod HiFi

    Does anyone have an iPod HiFi? Has anyone seen one or have a review on one?
  6. ncaprioli


    If it's the dock on your powerbook, why do you have photobooth?
  7. ncaprioli

    Post Better Names for the MacBook Pro

    Has anyone noticed the new logo that uses the word "Mac". Every other commerical or ad I have ever seen involved the world "Apple" Here's an ad I pulled off CNN http://home.comcast.net/~ncaprioli/images/...el_011006_U.jpg
  8. ncaprioli

    Post Better Names for the MacBook Pro

    Has anyone thought that the updates to the iBooks will be called MacBooks? Thus, the "Pro" would differentiate the product lines when the PowerPCs are phased out? Does this mean that apple will stop selling PowerPC Machines in January 07?
  9. ncaprioli

    Mac users at school

    My (high) school allows us to take laptops to class...and there are quite a few macs A few years ago (during my 7th Grade year) I surveyed the class on what would they buy (Mac vs. PC), and since my school is 7th Grade through 12th Grade, the class size has remained about the same. I was a little suprised about the result: Poll: Given any amount of money, which kind of laptop would you buy? They were then instructed to e-mil me their answer MAC: 55% DELL: 35% MICROSOFT: 3% OTHER: 7% I did then mention that 3 percent of the class is stupid and that Microsoft doesn't make laptops, just the software... Our school is largely Windows based...but I do agree that schools should educate their students to use both platforms
  10. ncaprioli


    I have no idea -it is something a friend gave to me
  11. ncaprioli

    Windows "Longhorn" named Windows Vista

    I just got my first mac for Christmas and would like to commment on this controversy I wouldn't give up my mac for the world. It has become like my right hand, I don't go anywhere without it. But, I have a limited budget and there is some software I own for my PC that will not work on my Mac. For such reasons, I keep my PC around. The ultimate analysis is this - Macs do things PCs can't, and PCs can do some (ok - a very small number) of things Macs can't. It ultimately depends on what you need(it might help to look past the spyware and viruses, but they are part of the windows eXPerience). I love my Mac, and wouldn't trade it for the world, but there are some (ok - another very small number of) things I just need my PC for.....
  12. ncaprioli


    If anyone is still reading this thread.. The Ultimate Solution: A Rhana-Hanna-Kwanz-Mas apologies for spelling errors of the portions of the holidays - but you get the point I do agree, this "political correctness" stuff is stupid since when were the politicians "politically correct"?
  13. ncaprioli

    The 1 Screen shot thread 2 rule them all

    Before I post mine, does anyone know hwo to scale the image down from its default resolution?
  14. ncaprioli

    The 1 Screen shot thread 2 rule them all

    they are remarkably similar......do you mind if I keep it?
  15. ncaprioli

    The 1 Screen shot thread 2 rule them all

    Where did you get the Halo desktop picture?