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    Apple Myths

    I work in the public school system and hear often from fellow elementary teachers that macs cannot open pc files. That is a really hard one to explain to people who do not understand that it is application to application. I also hear that there is no software for macs. There is so much out there. Lately, I have been really into these little programs (like image well) that do one thing very well without bloat. Also, one assumed myth is that macs behave and get viruses and spyware just like a pc. I am amused by people's responses when I tell them that there isn't anything to worry about on a mac. I get these looks of disbelief - hahahaha. Most people only know pc's and windows. They aren't aware of different operating systems and when presented with a choice assume that they are all like windows, or should be. I think the general population is technologically immature. Hopefully, there will be more operating systems to choose from in the future, with more open standards among them. But I digress . . . .
  2. Bunzie

    Introducing MacWitness.Com

    Almighty_spork ( I love that name!!) I have bad news - and good news for you. I changed the concept of the main site from a blog to a digg style user submitted content specifically for Apple/MAc stuff. Feel free to "digg" stories for our community. Bad News - Well, in the course of changing mysql junk, I destroyed the old forum. I had to rebuild it and it is all set to go, but I lost your registration. You will have to register again. This should not happen again, though. Sorry. Please come on over and check it out again and spread the word. I think a digg style community for Apple news and rumors could become quite a fun community. Thanks for you time.
  3. Hello All, I have been a long time listener of Adam's (well, for about a year, anyway) and a lurker of this board. After messing around a bit with web sites, I am ploeased to announce MacWitness.Com. It is basically a blog of my many combined news resources and commentary. I am also proud to host a fourm. Please stop on by and let me know what you think. I am looking to have a smaller community that enjoys helping each other problem solve and share the latest Mac news. Thanks for you time.