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  1. TDamon

    Apple Store or AT&T Store

    You should be able to go to an Apple store. This is almost exactly what my husband and I plan on doing, except that we are leaving Verizon and taking our numbers with us. I am hoping the Apple store employees know that you can put the iPhone on a 550 minute family plan, where available, and they are able to do so as this is the plan we will be signing up for. (We use like... 200 minutes a month, if that).
  2. TDamon

    Apple Store or AT&T Store

    I talked to AT&T yesterday and they said the Apple store would be able to port numbers for new accounts. Not sure about the non-iPhone, though, you will probably have to go to AT&T for that.
  3. TDamon

    So how do you like the new iMac design?

    Okay, so... saw one in person today. The iMacs are a lot thinner / sleeker in person. Still not in love with it, but it's not nearly as ugly as in the pictures. Surprisingly, I hate the new keyboards, even though they are based on the MacBook keyboard which I love. They feel very cheap, and the edge is very abrupt (apparently I have a habit of pushing on the front of the keyboard to adjust it, and that is very uncomfortable on that keyboard). Any, just thought I'd share.
  4. TDamon

    So how do you like the new iMac design?

    I think BOTH are very ugly. I do not like the black apple logo in front and I really hate the black edge, at least from photos. I will go check one out in person later, but I doubt my opinion will change. On the keyboard... why the white keys? Either make them match the keyboard (silver) or the computer (black). And no keypad on the wireless?? After reading the forums at AppleInsider, there are some decent arguments for cutting off the extra keys, but I personally, as well as many other people it would seem, prefer the wireless keyboard as my DESK keyboard. I use the extended keys all the time. I hate that if I ever want or need to upgrade my keyboard now I either have to get a wired one or a 3rd party wireless one. They really should offer BOTH wireless versions... qwerty-only and extended. On an unrelated note... the new apps look killer. Especially Numbers and iPhoto. I can't wait to get my hands on them!
  5. TDamon

    Let's buy Adam an iPhone

    I think that that is an excellent idea. I was thinking he might feel better if it were a listener petitioning and not himself.
  6. TDamon

    can you "toggle" off second monitor?

    It's F7 on my laptop. But that wouldn't necessarily solve your problem anyway, as the other mode "mirrors" on the other monitor, so it would still be driving both monitors. EDIT: This option can also be reached in the Display preferences pane under the "Arrangement" tab (it's the "Mirror Displays" checkbox)
  7. TDamon

    Let's buy Adam an iPhone

    Great idea! As long as he is on Cingular (I don't remember, but I thought he said so recently). If someone posts a where and how, I'll contribute some.
  8. Hi there. I ordered ivory paper to print wedding programs on. I would like to print on them in a dark red color, however the dark red does not come out quite the same on the ivory paper. Obviously this is because the printer thinks it's white paper, so it's outputting ink that would be dark red on white paper, but comes out more brown-ish on ivory paper. I see there are some ColorSync options in the print dialog, but I would not know what to use to fix for ivory paper. Ideas or suggestions on adjusting the red color to print more red and less brown on ivory paper? Thanks, Tracy
  9. TDamon

    WTB: 1G iPod Shuffle any size

    If you are looking for a first gen. I have one that I could consider selling. I have been looking for an excuse to buy a new one, but I can't justify it while I have this perfectly functioning, 1GB first gen. Since I haven't really considered selling it, I am not sure on price. I am thinking maybe $20 for iPod and all accessories, or like $10-$15 for just the iPod, lanyard, and headphones (which is all I ever use anyway... I have some leftover accessories like a wrist-band from when it was my dad's). Anyway, just PM if you are interested. I have a PayPal account, and shipping would be included in agreed-upon price.
  10. TDamon

    DRM Free Music Hits

    Anyone find a way to upgrade only SOME of your music? I have an album I would like to upgrade, but I don't really care to upgrade a bunch of other songs that are eligible.
  11. TDamon

    Mac OS X has no microkernel and isn't unix

    I don't know about the microkernel other than the fact that it states on http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/unix/ that OS X has a microkernel. And as far as UNIX goes, it is unfair to say that OS X is only UNIX-like because it has a Terminal (which can run any standard shell, not just bash... I personally use tcsh). I am sure that there are many factors which make OS X not officially a version of UNIX, but that is not what most people claim anyway. They say that OS X is "UNIX-based" which is true. It's based on BSD, which I believe IS a version of UNIX. Apple took peices from NextStep and BSD and whatever else to create OS X, so while it is not pure UNIX, there is some UNIX "under-the-hood". Your argument made it sound like OS X only "looks and acts" like UNIX, but in reality there is quite a bit of UNIX in there. It's just in there with a bunch of other stuff, too. (I haven't listened to the linked podcast yet, so my response is just based on my understanding of OS X from experience and from Apple's website, which makes no claims that Mac OS X is UNIX... only that it is based on UNIX).
  12. TDamon

    Preview: Default PDFs to Continuous???

    I checked the com.apple.Preview.plist file but it already had 1 for PVPDFDisplayMode. Then I repaired disk permissions and now it seems to be working. Weird! Thanks for the suggestion :-)
  13. TDamon

    Preview: Default PDFs to Continuous???

    That didn't work either.. I do not know why it won't stick
  14. TDamon

    Preview: Default PDFs to Continuous???

    That's kind of what I thought I had done in the past, but for some reason it isn't working now. I tried deleting the preferences file and doing what you said but they still open without continuous checked
  15. Hi there... I could have sworn that I used to have Preview opening PDFs with "Continuous" checked by default (where you can scroll down through pages instead of viewing one page at a time..). Now it never opens that way, and it is really frustrating. Does anyone know if there is a way to make this the default behavior?? Thanks. Tracy