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    Can I use OS 9 to restore my iPod?

    I can't take full credit, I got the idea from a web search. I also have the luxury of having both platforms around so I could try it. One thing I noticed when I went to grab the iPod this morning, however. Even though it was still attached to the mac, it was not showing up in iTunes or on the desktop but still was giving me the "do not disconnect" warning. Also, if I look at the "about" screen on the iPod, it lists the format type as Windows. So I might not be out of the woods just yet. But at least I was able to listen to some new podcasts today.
  2. teggygah

    Can I use OS 9 to restore my iPod?

    Well, I came up with a solution (for the time being) but it took a while. As expected, disk utility wasn't able to do anything because it was unable to unmount the iPod. What wasn't expected was that I was unable to mount the iPod in OS 9 even after installing the OS 9 updater. What I finally did was connect the iPod to my XP notebook, formatted it for Windows, then took it back to my Mac and formatted it for Mac. It's now downloading all of my music on to it. I'll have to see what happens from here.
  3. teggygah

    Can I use OS 9 to restore my iPod?

    Ah - OK. I will give that a shot first.
  4. teggygah

    Can I use OS 9 to restore my iPod?

    Oh, I thought you were suggesting trying disk utility in Tiger before trying to format in OS 9. I guess I can format it in OS 9 and then use disk utility to format it extended journaled in Tiger. I guess my main question is does there have to be anything on the iPod prior to it being connected so that Tiger (or iPod updater, really) recognizes it as an iPod, or will the iPod updater pretty much just take any blank HD and set it up like an iPod?
  5. teggygah

    Can I use OS 9 to restore my iPod?

    I haven't - although I would imagine that I will have the same issue with the iPod not being able to unmount. I can try it this evening.
  6. I am currently having an issue with my iPod. It will not update, and any attempts I make to restore it to factory settings fail because Tiger will not allow it to unmount once I have connected it. I have a dual boot Mac, and my thought was to boot in OS 9 and format the iPod like a blank hard drive, after which I could use iPod updater on it in Tiger. Would this work? Or does the iPod need to be formatted a certain way such that Tiger will recognize it when it is first connected? Thanks for any help...
  7. If anyone cares, another use for those Tiger proof of purchases is to trade in your DVD for install CDs. I had to do this to get Tiger on my B&W G3.