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  1. Besides the old Airport card, what other wireless options are there? (and i dont think Airport Extreme works with my PowerMac G4, different PCI slot i think?) I was looking into USB network adaptors but i'm having a hard time finding one that is compatible with Mac.
  2. I am trying to convert my movies into .wmv format . . . Anyone know of a good converter And is there a free converter? Can Final Cut Pro or iMovie do a conversion to .wmv?
  3. my mac doesn't read avi files. What program can i run that allows me to view .avi movies?
  4. i've tried to search, but all ive come across is DVD2oneX or Toast (and they cost money). . .maybe i should try harder . . .
  5. I Use MacTheRipper to rip DVD's to my hard drive, but how do you burn a DVD using the ripped files on the hard drive?
  6. I have used MacTheRipper to rip a DVD-R that i made a while back . . .MacTheRipper successfully ripped it but i was wondering how to burn it back to a DVD-R that would be playable in a DVD Player. I don't need DVD2oneX program because the size is less than 4.7 GB (for those who aren't familiar with that program, it basically compresses DVD-format files so they fit onto a 4.7 GB DVD-R) I tried using Disk Utility by creating a new image from folder . . .that didn't work. Im guessing the answer to my problem is in Disk Utility . . .
  7. DenisK

    What is your favorite online store?

    Amazon.com for used books . . .easy to search and such a deal . . .and i'm not a cheap person but i strongly believe in recycling things that can realistically be recycled . . .like books.
  8. DenisK

    Favorite iPod

    Is there a website or a spec sheet that compares the audio chips (or whatever they use in those ipods) between the different iPods? (Preferably an audiophile website that rates the audio quality between the different iPods and a reason behind the differences)
  9. What do you mean by not having a lot of "clocks" on at once? How do you change that?
  10. DenisK

    Invisible Shield

    UPDATE . . . Its been about 6 days since i got my invisible shield, and the main gripe i had about it was the water bubbles that remained after applying it. BUT, 6 days has passed and many of the smaller and noticeable water bubbles have vanished by 95%!!! By 95% i mean that you REALLY have to know WHERE the water bubbles were previously to actually notice them from a 1-foot viewing distance. Also, the display distortion caused by the no-longer-existent water bubbles also have vanished. I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT. Now my display is 99% clear. I sorta screwed up on the application of the backside of the ipod, leaving two large water bubbles, but their size, while still clearly visible, has decreased significantly. Now I am thoroughly satisfied with The Invisible Shield I wish i took some "before and after" pics for you guys . . .
  11. DenisK

    Invisible Shield

    responding to joshimacvid, from my personal experience, i have taken the shield off my ipod 4 times to get the air/water bubbles out and i am not experiencing any lack of stickiness when using my ipod; its stuck on tight. HOWEVER . . . I would not reccomend taking off the shield after 5 minutes of letting it dry on the iPod. After that point, the adhesive starts to seriously stick and i would bet that there would be some deterioration of the adhesive if you tried to peel it off. And scratches do add character, and Im typically the person that stays away from protection :wink: but i dunno why, but i've become anal about that damn screen getting scratched
  12. DenisK

    How to gauge how much RAM you need

    Here's the Activity Monitor after i opened about 15 applications and then closed them after they all loaded. . . the Pages ins/outs says "41199/2217" . . .if im understanding Morn correctly, if the sum of those numbers is above 300,000 in a given day using the computer, then i should get more ram? Could i also look at my my Free memory when im running all the apps that i realistically have open on a typical day to gauge if i need more RAM? I'm a little confused about the VM (Virtual Memory) size: Virtual Memory is used only when there is not enough RAM correct? The below image shows that i have a VM size of 4.22 GB. Does that mean if i had and additional 4 GB of RAM on top of the 768 MB i have, that would mean i wouldn't have any virtual memory at that moment?
  13. DenisK

    How to gauge how much RAM you need

    So im looking at my activity monitor and seeing the Pages in/out, but what about all that other info like "Wired", "Active", "Inactive", "Used", "Free", and "VM size". Wouldn't "Free" tell me if i was running low on RAM?
  14. DenisK


    If you listen to your ipod alot, i would definately go with those Shure E4c or E3c. I havent tried them but there is a great website to go to for headphone reviews (and also to buy excellent headphones in any price range) I got a pair of full-sized open headphones (sennheiser HD 555, $150) and i love them. http://www.headphone.com/
  15. DenisK

    Invisible Shield

    answer to Mac User X's questions: 1. the shield is a protective film, not a protective case, so i prolly say that it wouldn't withstand any more pressure than what the actual ipod could withstand. However, it will protect against scratches of almost any severity. (so you could throw the ipod in your backpack and not worry about it getting scratched (smashed is another issue). 2. Its available for the 5th Gen 30 GB iPod Video. (I have that iPod) Make sure you buy the shield for the 30 GB and not the 60GB.