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    Network Storage Solutions?

    Good to here that the extreme works well even with multiple drives, but is there any other router that can do the same thing as the extreme? Is this a unique option that only the AirPort Extreme is capable of?
  2. Basically I want to be able to share my external hard drive with a PowerBook and an iBook. Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station seems like a solid option but is there a cheaper alternative? I would like to able to use the drive for Time Machine as well extra storage if possible. I would go with Time Capsule but it's to expensive. Would the AirPort Extreme Base Station be worth the replacement of my old saucer Base Station, or is there another router that would do the same thing? Does the Western Digital MyBook World Edition work for local network storage or is there main function access from anywhere? What does everyone else do for a network storage solution?
  3. I just bought a Samsung plasma hdtv and was interested in connecting it to my PowerBook. I used the DVI to VGA adaptor and everything works ok except that the desktop need to stretch to fill the screen. I discovered this is because the plasma has non-square pixels its native resolution is only 1024x768. I have been trying to find a way to get the desktop to not stretch but haven't had any luck. Does anyone else know of a way to make the Mac look non-stretched without setting the plasma to 4:3, or is this just something I have to live with?