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  1. Recently a co-worker became a Mac evangelist, he bought a mac-mini and quickly ended up converting his whole house, bought a Mac Pro for himself, 2 additional mini's for the kids and the original mac mini he gave to his wife. He then started getting rid of all his old windows gear that he couldn't use with his mac. (I inherited a box of "stuff" and a box of software). About this time I was thinking about upgradeing my pc... Vista was about to come out and my old 2200+ AMD and 128 meg graphics card. I had quit upgradeing my pc after I bought an x-box and more recentley an xbox 360 for my gameing needs. So I thought about what my pc was really doing for me now... 1. I used it for my ipod music and video needs. 2. I surfed the web 3. I emailed 4. I backed up my youngests video dvds Next I thought about how much it would cost me to upgrade to run Vista properly. Finally, I kept reading how Vista was so Mac like... So I'm a happy new Mac user, I've found all the utilities I need to accomplish what I was doing with my pc. My Mac mini is quiet, reliable and lets face it, after years of windows it has that new os smell, allowing me to explore a whole new world of linux, applescript etc....
  2. Recentley I purchased a nano for my wife, I myself have a shuffle and a video ipod. My wife has a windows laptop that's connected wirelessly. I registerd her computer as one of the 5 authorized computers for my itunes account. I then shared out my music from my Mac Mini thinking she could create her own playlists,burn her own cd's and sync her own ipod from my music collection (which contains all her music, my music and my oldest sons music). As it turns out, you can't do anything but listen to the music on her laptop. Is there anyway she can sync her ipod, create her own playlists on her laptop running itunes from my shared music library playlist? I can understand Apple wanting to keep from people syncing ipods across the net, but this is on an authorized machine on my home network. I also tried to set up a central server and point her itunes instance on her laptop to the folder, however if she marks favorites or selects certain music, it then affects my library as well. (which strikes me as strange since each itunes instance has it's own library file, shouldn't that info be kept seperate in each library file?) Ideally, I'd like her to be able to create her own playlists from my shared playlist and sync her ipod, burn an mp3 cd all from her own instance of itunes on her own laptop. Thanks