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    iTunes 5.0.1 trouble

    Repair permissions did nothing to help. However, Repair Disk did the trick! All is well again! Thanks! Randy
  2. RandyAppleBlue

    iTunes 5.0.1 trouble

    I just installed iTunes 5.0.1 on my 10.3.9 G3. Now when it boots, i constantly get the 'You need to reset your Mac' crash box. I reset it about 10 times, even completely powering down, and I get the same results. I hate to reformat and start from scratch! Any suggestions? BTW, I have a similar setup except it is running Tiger. No trouble with that one. Randy
  3. RandyAppleBlue

    iTunes & iPod problem! Pulling hair out!

    Here is more info that may help. The CD I tried to import was created by using CD Spin Doctor after recording a cassette tape. Then off to Toast to burn the CD. Then I tried to import into iTunes (AAC). About 1/3 of the way thru the 4th song, iTunes was stuck. I enventually had to force iTunes to quit. I listened to the CD and sure enough, the song was corrupt. When playing the CD with iTunes, the song would stop right at the same point, and iTunes would stay stuck at that point. So I skipped that song, and tried to continue importing the rest of the songs. The next song did the same thing. AARRGGHH! So I had to eventually force ITunes to quit, again. I resorted to just importing the raw aiff files from CD Spin Doctor into iTunes which worked just fine. But whenever I would try to update the iPod, iTunes would act act as if the new songs and playlist did not exist. They would not copy over to the iPod! Plus, the iPod will no longer unmount unless I shut down the Mac. I tried changing the preferences to manually update the iPod, to not use disk mode, etc. But those preference changes do not 'stick.' Whenever I rerun iTunes, it always goes back to auto update and disk mode enabled. My guess is the iTunes 'database' is corrupt because of having to force quit iTunes when it hung on the corrupt songs. Is this a valid 'guess', and if so, can I get it fixed without having to manually reload all my music and playlists? My current music still plays fine. My iPod still plays its existing music fine. However, I noticed one song had the wrong album art. PLEASE HELP!
  4. Problem 1. I imported a CD to iTunes. When I dock the iPod, it does not copy the new play list onto the iPod. The preferences are set to auto update the iPod. The Contacts and Calendar updates fine, but not the play lists! Problem 2. When I exit iTunes, I cannot eject the iPod. It always says it is being used by an application and won't unmount it, even though there are NO applications running! I tried trashing two of the iTunes plist files with no change. I am running Tiger with latest updates. I have a 40 Gb iPod Photo. All was working fine until I imported that CD! I even trashed the imported files, and tried again with no changes! ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  5. RandyAppleBlue

    iSync ERROR! Help!

    I have a G3 B&W (400) at both home and office. I use .Mac to keep the usual info sync'ed. I have Tiger on the one at home, and Panther at my office. They both have all the updates. My problem is that the one at my office always fails the sync process at the end, just when I think it successfully finishes. The error message I get is always: Assertion Failed Expression: false File: Source/f1shared/f1clog.app Line: 98 The version of iSync on my office G3 is: iSync 1.5 (v139) Any help to getting sync'ing again would be greatly appreciated! Thanks fellow MacGeeks! [/b]
  6. RandyAppleBlue

    Syncing without .Mac

    ChronoSync is the only other program I could suggest that might fill your need. I have found it to be a GREAT Sync'ing program. Still, nothing beats, iSync. But give ChronoSync a try.