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  1. samtheman

    I got a new iPod afer the new update destoryed mine

    ooo what did the engraving say? And what size ipod was this (so I know if it affects me)?
  2. samtheman

    Add to podcast directory Help!

    Thanks but I really just wanna get it listed in the directory, I made my site with iweb and I dont have .mac
  3. Hey guys, Ive gotta podcast blog (its really tame), and I really wanna add it to itunes podcast directory. The problem is I live in New Zealand and can't get an itunes account :'( any ideas?
  4. samtheman

    iPod Radio

    So this ipod radio thing came out, rekon theres anyway to get radio without the remote?
  5. samtheman

    Be careful with Applecare...

    Yeah this is a bit silly. I brought apple care and I had problems with my fans I took it into the local store and everything is covered, all I can say is I hate to think of the price for labour and replacing the logic board. :S God bless Apple Care!
  6. samtheman

    Agressive harddrive

    Good on you for seeing the light! Our Mac Mini does the same thing it's no biggy I think it's just because of the size they had to choose the fastest, smallest and cheapest drive it is an entry level mac and think of the size. Hey My iMac scares me more my CDs come out literally toasting hot!
  7. samtheman

    iMac Problem Urgent *panics*

    Hi, Please help my iMac's fans wont stop spinning on full I don't know why I just did a fsck disk repair and rebooted and they've been going ever since like half an hour, the noise is deafening. Please help sorry if this has been done to death
  8. samtheman


    Haha wow everyone seems so lost. Yeah I had the buzzing and blowing seems to work It's the plastic shield falling out of place or becoming badly shaped. It works... dunno how god for it it is lol!
  9. samtheman

    Dead cells on 5G ipod

    What a silly suggestion Morn!
  10. samtheman

    working at the Apple store

    The closest offical Apple store is a 4 hour aircraft flight for me :cry:
  11. samtheman

    Linux on a Mini

    Hes asking the person helping him to go on AIM not AIM on his iPod
  12. samtheman

    XP Sucks

    Oh god that thing is pure PURE brilliance! I love an oppertunity to Windoze bash!
  13. samtheman


    well Its been a while since I used it as I have the 5G ipod. I seem to rremember you simply put them on the ipod then file browse to the photo.
  14. samtheman

    should i get an ipod or a digital camera

    The iPod is BOUND to get more use. I get my priorities in order before I buy something, I think what will I use most, price difference, and what suits my needs more as they are two quite different things!
  15. samtheman

    vPod Questions

    Handbreak works like an absolute dream, its amazing heres a walkthrough http://howto.diveintomark.org/ipod-dvd-ripping-guide/. I organised everything and got it copied over to my computer. When I got my new iPod (exactly the same as your's) I plugged in my ipod and everything worked brilliantly.