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  1. Stevie D.

    Problems with podcast in 7.7

    Yes that works (I tried it) but...That seems like a wonky work around for something that wasn't a problem a month ago. I'm not sure. I'll try restoring the iPod later tonight after I get done watching MacGyver. If push comes to shove I may just reinstall iTunes. Its been a long, long time since I've done that. Can you recover all your ratings? Most my playlist are "smart" and use the ratings scheme. Can you just zap the app and come back and point it at the iTunes folder and la ti da disco change-o you're back to the same library minus the playlist. Uh, do you lose all your tags? I do not want to go re do all my tv shows and movies and.... uh scared just thinking about it.
  2. Stevie D.

    Problems with podcast in 7.7

    Did it do it until the recent 7.7 update. Mine worked fine and now all of a sudden...
  3. I have my settings to sync all unplayed podcast. Ordinarily I'll listen to a podcast (All the way till the end) and sync my 5th gen. and the podcast will magically disappear. Now after the last update my iPod is loaded with junk (No offense) that I've already listened to. Even stuff I listened to yesterday (All the way through). Uh, I'm a bit miffed Is anyone else experiencing any weirdness? I apologize if this has already been discussed but if it hasn't and anyone else is experiencing it perhaps it needs to be addressed. Hopefully its just the lone nit wit that doesn't know how to use his iPod and I'll sort it out myself. Well, now I just changed the settings on the iPod to get the 1 most recent podcast and guess what the thing still has the same rotten batch of podcast on the thing. Hows that for "die hard"? I hate having to do a restore because it takes so bloody long to sync 50+ GB. Any thoughts or have you had this before. I'm getting ready to try a reset and lets see if that flushes the gremlin. RESET NO FIX!
  4. Stevie D.

    Digital Camera

    I love my Canon SD550!! Its a great lil' point and click. I even got my mom one too because she liked it so much.
  5. Stevie D.

    Anyone using iLike?

    Its a cool lil' app that rides piggyback to iTunes. Its really cool cuz you can scope on what your pals are listening to but the real cool thing is it recommends new tunes. Alot of the new artist have free downloads. So you can get new tunes for the low, low price of FREE!! If you all aren't using it yet try it iLike and if you are using it hit me up with and add. stevendelgado11 at gmail dot com. What are you listening to?
  6. Stevie D.


    I'm using the demo and have been pretty impressed. I'm not an audiophile but it makes my iTunes almost twice as loud. Granted it is a macbook and it sounds pretty terrible to begin with. I'm not sold yet so I'm open for anymore thoughts.
  7. Stevie D.

    Kids Digital Camera?

    I kicked them down my old Fuji click click. I was going to sell it when I bought my Canon but decided it'd be better spent in thei lil' hands of my kiddos.
  8. Stevie D.

    Anyone using iFreeMem?

    I heard Dave at the MGG mention this one briefly and I've been using it for a few weeks. Its an app. that you run to free up memory. It does something to the inactive memory and it replenishes your ram after using some memory hog apps. It works really well for me but I just wasn't sure if its some how bad for the system or if there is a free alt. besides a restart. Does anyone else have any experience with it pro or con? http://www.activata.co.uk/
  9. Stevie D.

    Show off your Desktop

  10. Stevie D.

    DVD to iPod? Your best space saving settings!

    Try handbrake it has levels that you can adjust the file size. I don't remember what the minimum size is though.
  11. Stevie D.

    Wireless Printing

    What kind of printer do you have? I've heard that the Express is limited if you have a all in one like me (copy, fax, print) I have not been able to get my printer to work usiing my old pc as a server. Whacky driver issue from mac to pc and I've read that it has to do with the 3 in 1's Does anyone know anything about the express to a Canon mp130 all in one?
  12. Stevie D.

    Joost beta invite?

    Hi. I don't live in the UK and I've heard good things about joost and am eager to try it. I went to one forum and they said that you can't just send someone an invite. Now me thinks they are maybe sniffing glue and i was hoping someone on here can hook a brother up. I'd greatly appreciate it and return the favor when I can. Thanks stevendelgado11 at gmail dot com You rock!!