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    My Mac Pro Quad Core and 20in Cinema Display -IT ROCKS ! <br /><br />mac |mak| (also mack) noun informal chiefly Brit. a mackintosh. ORIGIN early 20th cent.: abbreviation. < < (iClip you Rock)
  1. Clark

    Favorite Software

    AppZapper - To remove Apps Google Earth - Because the kids like it (ha ha) IClip - FAST and easy way to cut,save and view just about anything ***** ImageWell - FAST and simple photo adjustability
  2. Clark

    Digital Camera

    Victor just did a whole pod-cast last week on Dig Camera He had a special guest on. Might give it a listen first before buying. (Typical Mac User Podcast)> Google it. Clark
  3. Clark

    Macbook Pro Battery Life

    http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n305256 Go here for the battery update
  4. Clark

    New Handbrake is out (beta)

    I have been using it a day or so and I give it a great thumbs up !!
  5. Clark

    Back up question

    I use ChronoSync just for the items like you have mentioned. http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/7230
  6. Clark

    this killed me

    Thanks for the laugh. The funniest things always have truth to them.
  7. Clark

    When will you buy leapord?

    I put down 2-4 weeks. I want to have it reviewed and felt out awhile before I make the change. I have to wait till Oct. so what is a few more weeks in the scope of things. I admit it won't be easy but good things come to those who wait.
  8. Clark

    Favorite Mac ever made.

    I am new to the Mac World and all I have to go by is my Mac Pro Quad Core. Intel So I have to pick my first born. I did unplug my PC today > Yes I took it off life support. (REST IN PEACE)
  9. Clark

    Kids Digital Camera?

    What I did > I took my son and we looked at small cameras ones that fit his hands. Many stores have displays. Have her hold it and check for finger reach on the buttons. Sony makes some inexpensive point and shoot digital cameras that would fit her hand size. Just my input to blend in to everyone else's ideas.
  10. If you are getting 80GB HD I would go with 2 GB Ram. The thought is you can never have too much Ram on your machine. Two is a happy medium and it will function much better. Just a thought.
  11. Clark

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    1 iPod 5th gen. (30gb)
  12. Clark

    Lexmark printer

    Have you added any software to it from a disk or web. (Lexmark) ? or are you just connecting it.
  13. Clark

    Most different app in dock

    That is a neat idea.