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  1. Switched on my mac today and i get a white screen, then the apple logo comes up (except its fragmented all over the screen) then it demands a forced restart is there anything i can that i haven't tried? 1. booting off leopard dvd 2. launching in "safe mode" thanks 2 months out of warranty too......
  2. seaners

    DRM Free EMI Albums correction

    Sorry to pick you up on this adam, but at one point, i am pretty sure i heard you say on the most recent maccast (04/04) that you expected DRM free albums from EMI to cost slightly more, and you had a rough guess at $12.99. Why i hope someone can confirm this, but i did listen to the EMI/Apple statement on EMI's website, and I am almost 100% sure that it was mentioned that if you buy an entire album, their will be no extra charge, compared to the DRM free versions i.e. albums will still cost (for the most part) 9.99 US and 7.99 Pounds etc I hope someone can back this up, but just in case anyone heard you saying that, and got concerned, I think its the best part of the deal, (well, other than the 256k, I actually am only slightly interested in the DRM free bit) Get Jammin' Sean
  3. A Mac User Group is a great place to get support and have local mac information open to you, I have just joined a North East of Scotland MUG, and would encourage any listener to join their local group as its such a great resource. Just to plug our one, visit www.abdnmug.co.uk very new group, only about 10 users so far!
  4. seaners

    Clean Install?

    thanks, thats very helpful i guess i'll just need to find my tiger disk
  5. seaners

    Clean Install?

    Hey folks, I am on 10.4, however there is so much crap on my HD, that I want to wipe my disk and start with a fresh Tiger and then just take my files that I need off an external HD any ideas? Also, can't find my Tiger disk at the moment, is there anyway to wipe a disk and preserve the OS? I'm sure it will turn up soon though Thanks in advance
  6. Righto, where to begin... I was using iTunes yesterday, then it declared that there was a problem with my Library and moved all my music out of iTunes and created a iTunes (Damaged) Library It recovered about 30 out of 5000 songs back into the Library, all my music is still in the iTunes folder, and when i double click the MP3 it plays in iTunes, but without album art, (it trys to download what it can), like its a brand new song how do i sync it all back up again? because everything is there... I could go folder to folder and c&p everything into iTunes, but that would take hours and i would loss some of the unique album art i spent hours collecting tried reseting the library and so on whats the problem?
  7. seaners

    Airport Express and Extreme Sync Up?

    well no, because i was under the impression that apple made good hardware that would just seemlessly work, i can see a seem here if i am being honest
  8. I have a network at home running on airport extreme base station, it works great. I recently received an airport express and now I find that when i want to use air tunes, i have to select either to use one airport product or the other this means i can either be on the net or using my new speakers, why can't i do both? I thought i was told by steve that it could be used to extend my network? can someone either clear up my misconception or tell me how to use them as one?
  9. seaners

    Cut and Pasting Files

    right, just to clear it up as i was vague, i want to move a 20 gig folder from the mac hd, to another folder within the mac hd so i want to cut the folder so its space is no longer a problem, then paste it into the folder at the moment it tries to just copy the file, and that doesn't work
  10. seaners

    Cut and Pasting Files

    I have 5gigs left on my iBook. I need to move a 20 gig iTunes library to another location on the mac, I can only get it to copy the file, so it trys to write the 20 gigs into the remaining 5, which obviously doesn't work. Some help would be nice thanks in advance Sean
  11. seaners

    Disable Keychain?

    Right, I love how keychain remembers everything, but I have to keep typing in the same password in every app and webpage i go into, Is it possible to just make keychain log you into everything all the time and not request confirmation, cos i am willing to take the risk that no one will steal my laptop as it never leaves me isolated room in the countryside of scotland
  12. seaners

    Using what your Mac gave ya

    I live in Scotland, so I can't use iChat as everyone in this country uses MSN as a standard, which iChat does not support, therefore I am stuck with Microsoft Messenger, which to be fair has come on a bit in the last year or two. The mac alternatives are kinda iffy. At login i have 12 things that open iTunes, iPhoto, iCal, Address Book, Stickies, Grab, Microsoft Messenger, Safari, Mail, iChat (For talking to rest of the family on the network), Quicksilver, Diggupdate (A tool from revision3 that keeps you updated with breaking news on digg.com) so 10 mac things I really stick too sometimes use things like switch, handbrake, stuffit, alefox, skype and frostwire when required
  13. seaners

    Airport Express Speakers

    Which speakers work well with this system. Also, how does it work? I can't find info about connections anywhere? I know there are people complaining about the life of this product, but it would be really useful for me, as I hate cables and the tinny quality of iBook speakers
  14. I was wondering if I could use the new mac mini to power my iMac G4 display? Just is a really nice machine and it would be a shame to get rid of it. Any advice/theories or feedback are welcome
  15. seaners

    Address Book Help

    Source: Apple.com "And if you’ve got a Bluetooth-equipped cell phone, Address Book automatically syncs with it, alerts you when you’ve got an incoming call and displays the Caller ID information." so, basically, if you have a bluetooth mac and phone, when your phone rings it will check the address book and cross reference the call with any data stored in the address book, however, it looks like you need to store numbers in a certain format for this to work This is all out of the box, no extentions or plugins Its not like a critical issue that will make my life easier, just a nice feature to have as i always miss phone calls when i am messing about in iMovie, so, an alert that comes on the screen with accurate information would be nice