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  1. Thunder1979


    Is it me or does the new MobileMe, give some nice features by taking away some features, like where is the iWeb to be able to create the podcast and blog sites at just trying to get some feedback on the new service and maybe some of the maccast fans that might of got to go to WWDC has more insight on what it really able to do
  2. Thunder1979

    MacBook Harddrive Upgrade

    I been looking around I would go with OWC if you desided to go through with it, heck you can get up to a 320gig 8mb $139.99 and 4 gigs of ram for 91.95 so your looking about 250.00 which is a lot cheaper than apple.com, but like everyone elses if it isn't a authorised service provider most computer makers don't like you doing it your self and voids the warrenty even thought they give you the instructions on how to do it your self
  3. Thunder1979

    Ipod crashes

    yes I have restored it to factory setting, so I know it not that that what I though it was in the first place was an update maybe caused it. It just one podcast: it the ACC version of the Maccast, I can play MP3 format it just lately the enhanced version been doing giving me the most problems
  4. Thunder1979

    iPod Classic: What Color

    I've alway's been a fan of the black ipod I think this is very first time I've got a silver nano, though I could see paying the extra 50 for 100 dollars I could get a 80 gig classic
  5. Thunder1979

    Ipod crashes

    Ok, here a problem I can't figure out I got the newest IPod Nano that out, but here the problem lately everytime I try to play my podcast most the time it wont play, it just rest's it self, once in a while i get a podcast going but lately I have to revert all podcast to mp3 format, does anyone know a fix to this or is a ipod software problem that need to be addressed to apple
  6. Thunder1979

    Macbook DVD-RW

    yeah I know, I think my only thing I trying to figure out is how is the battery life performance on burning on a dvd-rw vs a cd-rw, my old compaq cd-rw killed my battery life but that was in 2001, so I think that my main question
  7. Thunder1979

    Macbook DVD-RW

    The past year I really though about getting a reburbished Macbook, but the thing is I don't even care if it black, pink, blue or white. as long as i get out of the Windows world since I have more problems with windows than anything else. But my question is it really worth having a DVD-RW on the macbook, in reality or do you think it just more worth sticking with a dvd-rom, all I use my current computer for is podcast, itunes and blogging though once in a blue moon, I use it to copy movies for my mom and her church of programs they have but never really though about a idea of recording dvd's on a macbook So maybe someone can give me some feedback