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  1. alexsantos

    Hiding Others the quick way

    Imagine you have a bunch of apps open - usually this means a lot of windows are open and this can make for a very busy screen. So to hide all those windows except one application do the following. So let's first get some apps open. Mail, Safari, Finder (open some finder windows) iTunes, etc. Go to the dock, hover over the icon of which ever app you want to remain on screen, now hold option (alt) and the command key (apple key) and as you old those two keys click the docked safari icon for example and watch as all the other application's window(s) hide. Neat huh? Play around with the dock and alt clicking or just apple clicking and observe the behavior. You can learn some new tricks by playing around like this. Have fun and I hope this helps your productivity. Alex
  2. alexsantos

    Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard delayed

    Hey it really is true…October http://www.apple.com/macosx/leopard/ Read the last line!
  3. alexsantos

    Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard delayed

    So we live with 10.4.9 until October? Wow! Will there be 10.4.9.x updates?
  4. alexsantos

    iphone copied in China?

    In January my brother-in-law took a flight to China, on the way he read in a Polish newspaper, Przekroj, that the iphone had been copied in China. This is what he told me just today via skype, he's not into the whole Apple scene so he didn't make a big fuss about it. Can anyone verify this. I am in Poland but this news story was printed back in January. I know this old news, I never heard of it but I came back to edit this post as I found a link. http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=4548
  5. alexsantos

    Internal Mic not working

    Take it to Apple. Let us know how it goes
  6. alexsantos

    A greener Apple

    Yes I do agree that Apple is being targeted for a number of reasons, they are very much in the public eye, the media loves them and Apple is certainly a progressive company and it's part of their image so as a consequence they are an easy target and vulnerable to some degree as negative press on them will get headline prominence. I absolutely agree with you, the packaging is very nice and efficient on material usage so in this respect Apple gets my 5 star rating I would further add that the Apple products I have purchase contain very little in the way of printed documentation. I think in the State of California and perhaps throughout the United States and Canada, Apple is obliged to take back old computer equipment for proper disposal. I forget now. According to the podcaster who interviewed the activist, Apple doesn't have a return policy in the rest of the world. I am not sure why, it may have to do with laws pertinent to those regions of the world. Just a quick edit. I think the main concern GreenPeace has doesn't pertain to packaging but rather the processes used in manufacture and recycling. These processes get complicated by the compositions of the materials used in those manufacturing and disposal process, they release components into the environment that are potentially harmful to the environment and humans, the details of which I am ignorant of. I can't imagine malice on GreenPeace's part, I take what the activist said in the interview as a fact. I appreciate your supportive reply, it's nice to hear from others who care for both the environment and Apple.
  7. alexsantos

    Internal Mic not working

    Firstly if your Apple Care is still valid, don't delay and take it in. In case it isn't… I found a snippet of some info at this link: http://www.macfixitforums.com/showflat.php...p;Number=732686 Once at this page do an Apple F in Safari or a search in our browser for the following "mic", without the quotes of course Some guy who had trouble with his iMac G5 found his mic not working and Apple recommended to do somethings: Here is what you should find, I'm pasting it here for posterity's sake. • In the interim I discovered purely by chance that the internal microphone wasn't working. Amongst other things I reset NVRAM and SMU. No joy. I phoned AppleCare. I was told to reset NVRAM and SMU. Me: "I've done both." – He: "We can't proceed until you do both." End of chat session for which I had waited 30+ minutes. • Reset NVRAM and SMU again – microphone still 'dead'. Re-contacted AppleCare – different person – explain all over again… Same questions as before. He: "Open System Pref…" – Me: "Yes, I know what you are going to say – Sound > Input tab – there is no sign of a signal being received." – He: "Can you see a volume slider?" – Me: "Please believe that I have seen it and used it and cannot get any…" – Eventually… He: "The logic board has to be changed. I'll arrange a site visit." – Me: "I have a site visit booked for an AirPort problem – not sure exactly when, but can they now be combined?" – He: "No, they are separate issues." – Me: "They might prove to both be due to a faulty logic board." – He: "True, but two cases raised means two site visits. Case Nº for the AirPort problem? OK, this will also be AMSYS; they will contact you." Upon further searching at Apple's discussion board a MacBook user with your machine's symptoms had a hardware problem: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...78 The last thing I can think of is whether or not there has been a software update you went through for your MacBook, I personally don't own a MacBook so I can't verify this but if there was an update and you installed it, did this problem occur afterward? I urge you to call Apple since I'm the only one who has answered you so far.
  8. alexsantos

    AppleTV falls short?

    It is a pity that it supports such a small number of video formats. Heck there is a lot of content that is in other formats. I believe a lot of companies, Apple included, has to play their cards to satisfy the movie industry and they are playing it safe I guess but yeah, as of late Apple is coming out with a lot of great products but not as full blown as expected, hopefully rev 2 will improve the device in terms of video formats.
  9. I think it would be great if Adam could add an iPhone specific topic area on the MacCast Forum area. Do you think it's appropriate? I mean I know it has an iPod built right in, the best yet but personally I feel it deserves a special section. Hope you consider this Adam.
  10. alexsantos

    A greener Apple

    Dear MacCast listners Today, upon roaming around the net looking for all the hot news on Apple's amazing iPhone I noticed my iTunes was downloading a podcast, the Chronicle Podcasts: Tech Talk. Well it turns out the story was about Apple Inc. I was intrigued and thought I would listen, to may discontent but not to my surprise (as this has been covered by the media), the podcast revealed some of Apple's shortcomings in the environmental arena as per an interview with a greenpeace activist. It was a sobering well balanced interview which not only pointed out the positives but the negatives. In a nutshell greenpeace is targeting Apple because Apple is considered by many to be an epitome of all that is good and leading edge. I thought to post here because I am of the opinion that many of us maccast listeners and mac users in general are indeed a mature and responsible bunch who can make a difference in this world. I honestly believe we are a unique group, passionate, and driven by innovation and Apple is a reflection of our aspirations. I truly believe Apple is by far the best of the best, employing the most talented individuals, people who have drive, passion and love for what they do and make. It's clear the iPhone is going to be a huge success - a real winner. Quite simply, Apple never ceases to amaze. Well, I am dragging on so I am taking the liberty of posting the following link http://www.greenmyapple.org/mact.html. You are free to participate or not of course. I should add that I am not in any way affiliated with greenpeace - I want that to be clear. I do believe we can make a difference. So if you believe that Apple can be not only a technology leader but a leader in manufacture and disposal of hardware around the globe, then please take the time and visit the link where you can send a personal message to Steve Jobs himself asking him to consider changes that will make Apple computing a safer and conscious-free experience. Something as Apple users I'm sure we can all benefit and be proud of. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I apologize on the long read.
  11. Music is only a click away, literally. Although Green Peace gave Apple a low mark there is a small detail they may have omitted, correct me if I'm wrong but has GP actually commended Apple's success with iTunes? After all, digital music eliminates packaging and now Apple is after the movie market as well. Although environmentally this is revolutionary it is sad that we are losing a real art form. In the end, I suppose it's all good, hopefully Green Peace notices - noticed.
  12. alexsantos

    Need to save space...

    Well I would imagine you would be alright but I wouldn't go overboard and do a huge backup. If you have a spare HD that can connect to the machine you're testing this on you may want to install a compatible version of OSX. I think what I would do then is create aliases of the path(s) to where those files are, so OPTION COMMAND while you drag the folders, the desktop could be a convenient spot to create the aliases. Then, I would simply move the files or folders next to the appropriate alias, this way you know which folders they came from. The next thing I would do is restart and see what happens. I am pretty sure your system will come up as those files don't appear to be relevant to operation of the machine itself. At this point I would test the app(s) you intend to use. Seeing they are all Apple applications, if something does go wrong in the future you can just reinstall iLife. In the meantime, should all your applications work I would go ahead and delete the aliases and files/folders you moved to the desktop as they would no longer be necessary. On the other hand, if things don't work out, you can drop the original files/folders back into their appropriate aliases, restarting if necessary and you'll be up and running again.* *Regarding the last sentence. You may try dropping one item back at a time to see if it has a positive outcome rather than putting back the whole lot. It may be that only one or two components you mention, if any, are actually necessary. BTW if you can't get your computer up again, use that external drive to boot from and drop those items you moved to the desktop back via the aliases. You may not need them all so use your judgement. Anyway I highly doubt your system will not boot once you move those items, that's why I wouldn't bother with iron fist approach to backup in this case, but whatever makes you comfortable. It's up to you in terms of backup, alas backing up never hurts. Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.
  13. alexsantos

    Need to save space...

    Darn, I originally posted with a quoted reply without any of my text. Don't see where or how I can delete this. Bad me.
  14. alexsantos

    Whats to come at MacWorld 2007?

    What I would like to see is iTunes for mobiles expand. See http://direct.motorola.com/hellomoto/itunes/ for more, now imagine that one more phones. It would be great!
  15. alexsantos

    Hey Apple, how about some real XMASS bus. cheer

    It would have been her first Mac. I think Apple should be more accommodating around this time of year because they can increase sales. My friend was not asking for a great deal and he could have easily bought it but he thought it would have been just if Apple had thrown in this small detail. He was going for a full blown config on the iMac so it would not have been light hearted purchase. Anyway…happy holidays to all!