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  1. Number6

    Get iPhoto Comments into iWeb page

    Thanks! I'll take a look at that. I do find it disappointing that there's no way to get the comments to go across to iWeb.
  2. Hey everyone. I can export from iPhoto and make a very plain web site that shows the Comments. However, when I export from iPhoto to iWeb, I can't seem to get the comments to go across into iWeb when I make a photo web site. (I'm using the Export to Folder option and then uploading to my own web server.) Does anyone know if it's possible to get iPhoto comments into iWeb and get iWeb to add them to its exported pages? Any help would be great. Thanks!
  3. Number6

    Please recommend a Backup Solution

    Yeah they are a little pricey. I got the US Robotics 8700. To go with it, I got 4 Samsung Spinpoint 500 GB drives. I have them configured in a Raid 5 array with a hot spare. So I got 1TB of data storage that's redundant. Works great with the Mac so far. And I have a cross-platform network, so I've been pleased with the ability to get all my files from Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. (Ubuntu)
  4. Number6

    Please recommend a Backup Solution

    I did download your initial recommendation: ChronoSync and Im giving it a try. It seems to work pretty well. I can't seem to get the "wake from sleep" feature working, but I'm going to keep at it. I'll post my results. Thanks for the tips! I really appreciate it!
  5. Number6

    Please recommend a Backup Solution

    That seems like a cool solution, but I got a Raid 5 NAS with one TB of storage on it. I'd rather use that then buy new hardware. Unless you are saying that no solutions will use a network volume for back up?
  6. So my last computer project was to get a nice 1 TB Raid 5 NAS working on my home network. Everything is just great with it. Now, I want to find a backup solution that fits my needs. Here's what I'm looking for: 1. Something that will run at night when the Mac is powered on but sleeping 2. Will backup two users /home folders. (I don't care about bit-for-bit bootable backups. I can just reinstall if I have my /home folders for the several users backed up.) 3. I'd prefer something that would just copy the files. I tried using .mac backup and it seemed to create some kind of archive file. I have no faith in these, as I am certain they will not be able to be opened in case I needed them. I want to see my files over the network. My NAS is on a network volume and both users on the mac have network volume folders to back up on on the NAS. Would anyone care to make any recommendations? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Hey Everyone. I really need some advice on a project that I'm working on. I have a really big PowerPoint presentation. At certain points in the presentation, a slide comes up that says "Play Movie (Numbere here) Now". At that point I'm supposed to play a DVD and choose the movie title the powerpoint told me. After having done this presentation a few times, I find it a little clunky to swap over to either the DVD player on my laptop (If that's all I'm using) or a stand alone DVD/player/TV to view the movie. I'd like to integrate the movie right into my PowerPoint. I think that would make a nicer flow. I ripped my DVD and have the VOBs local on my hard drive. I tried converting them to various kinds of mp4's using various kinds of codecs and I've not found anything that really did a good job on the conversion. I keep seeing scan lines when I use my full screen to show the movies. I also treid to convert to DivX using Toast Titanium 7 and that was worse than handbrake. I don't care about file size and I don't care about encoding time. I just want super HQ movie files to use in my presentations. A couple of warnings: I travel for business doing these presentations, so sometimes I have to use otehr people's gear to play back my presentation, so I want to stick to cross-platform solutions. (I can't walk into a client and tell them to install the ogg vorbis codec on their machine, for example.) I can usually expect QT or Windows Media player. (As an aside, I have iWork 05 and I know Keynote can export as flash. Anyone had good results with that for cross platform use? Or is to too dangerous and I should stick to PowerPoint.) I have an iMac G4 2.0 GHz with MS Office, Toast Titanium 7, Handbrake, iWork 05 and iLife 05. Any advice or tips greatly apprectiated.
  8. Number6

    Issues with MacRoundtable Podcast

    I downloaded the file via iTunes and then I burned it to a CD. (I find that using the iPod in the car is an awful experience. Using a CD is much better.) I got the intro... Adam says "So here's the Mac Roundtable" and then I got 61 minutes of dead air. Heh.
  9. RailRider- Thanks for those great tips. I will give that a try. Only I have the .mac account. Do I need to get one for my wife as well?
  10. I figured I could publish it out to a .mac, but that wouldn't give the both of us write access to the calendar. That's what I'm really looking for.
  11. My wife and I use separate accounts on our iMac. My wife maintains a single address book and iCal for the family. She has all the family phone numbers in there and all of our "social" events are listed in iCal. Is there any way for me to set it up so I can view her iCal and Address book? I have a .Mac account if that would be helpful. It stinks having to make her logon to get a phone number or check the calendar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hey Adam. I love the show. I think you ought to put a link back to the main maccast page in the forums. I kept looking for one and I realized it wasn't there! It's a small thing to modify overall_header.tpl, I know....
  13. Number6

    Two items from 11/30 Show

    First off, when you were talking about playlists, the easiest way to create a podcast playlist isn't with titles as you mentioned. I find the easiest way is create a smart playlist with "Kind=Podcast" and that works great. Second, about the TiVo annoucement. I'll give a short feedback and some details later for those interested. Short feedback: The new iPod-video support from TiVo *will* support Macs. A well-known TiVo Rep mentioned this on the TiVoCommunity forum. (Handy direct link) TiVo has not promised that Mac support will come at the same time as PC support however. It will delayed by a few months. Gory details: TiVo used to support Mac fully until the TiVo2Go functionality came out. This allowed you to download, play back and burn anything from your TiVo. TiVo was apparently in a hurry or was super lazy when they decided to implement this functionality and they just took some Microsoft DRM technology off the shelf and used it for the downloaded video. Of course, MS (just like Apple is accused of doing with iTunes) hasn't made the technology in their DRM (which relies heavily on Windows DirectX technology) portable to other platforms. This left Mac users out in the cold. We could download the TiVo files, but could not play back or burn them as DVDs. It seems that since Apple doesn't license Fairplay, and TiVo *really* wants to support iPods, TiVo decided to strip the DRM controls from the video and instead just watermark the video files with a TiVo-specific user account number. (Called a MAK, Media Access Key, which uniquely ID's every TiVo) So if the video ends up on p2p networks, the powers that be can track down where it came from. What remains to be seen is if TiVo (hopefully) strips *all* DirectX DRM tech from their entire system and they rely on watermarking, or if they *just* do that for video exported for iPod. And this replacement of the DRM with the watermarking tech has made the networks angry and they are threatening lawsuits.
  14. Number6

    (Solved) iPod updater won't install

    RailRider you were right! That fixed it! The receipt from the last install was stopping the new one from going ahead. Thanks!
  15. Well I had some problems with my iPod and my Mac. I tried a couple of things to fix it. Nothing worked. Finally I got my iPOd working by using Windows instead of my Mac. The problem I'm having is that iPod updater on my Mac got screwed up somehow. So I figured I would simply "reinstall" the ipod updater. Well, the iPod updater installer wouldn't install over the old version. It would just say "Skip" on the installation screen, and tell me there is nothing to install. So I took iPod updater out of the Utilities folder. The updater still would not install. (it just says "Skip" on the install screen.) So I put the updater in the trash and deleted it totally. The installer STILL keeps telling me that "there is nothing to install". It won't let me select the updater package and it just says "Skip". Does anyone have any idea on how I can get this to work? Any help greatly appreciated. Yes, I ran "fix file permissions". Edited to add: here is what the installer shows me. I can't click the check box to add the install.