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    Well, yes you can. Try this script --- http://www.dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/...akebookmarkable It's not the extension that is important, it's the file type. Try it.
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    The files don't need to be recognized as audiobooks or m4b files by the iPod in order to play. Just follow my previous post to remember the last played spot and load the mp3 audiobook files on the iPod as if they were music. I create a playlist of an audiobook's mp3 tracks and set the iPod preferences to download that playlist. Then all you need to do is search the iPod for that playlist and play it. There need not be anything special or different about audiobooks to play them on an iPod. You probably will want to join many of the very short tracks together to simplify things. Try this script from "Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes" - http://www.dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/...sp=jointogether Good luck.
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    Perfect iPod -Killed!

    See, I'm not the only guy that thinks that the Mini is a great performing and great looking iPod.
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    Why not try the built-in Tunes option to remember the last playback position. Select a track, do File > Get Info, select Options, and then check Remember Playback Position. Workd great.
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    Perfect iPod -Killed!

    I know that the nano just came out, that's why I did the post. As I said, "It's just my opinion", but the nano is not an improvement. And upon introduction, way more Minis were sold than nanos.
  6. This is just my opinion, but I think that Apple killed the perfect iPod -- the iPod Mini 6GB Size - small, light-weight easy to carry Capacity - can hold lots of music, podcasts and audiobooks (So simple to load using iTunes and why would anyone want to carry around every piece of music that they own?) Style - beautifully designed (all iPods are for that matter), but Mini is set apart from others with the color-anodized case that wraps completely around, integrating both the front and back Scratch Resistant - hard anodized metal case not poly-carbonate Any thoughts on this?