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  1. Simmons996

    12 inch Powerbook G4 for Sale! 535 dollars!

    i'd possibly be interested, but could i please see pictures. thx
  2. Simmons996


    hello all- i have a question about firefox. just recently, every time i launch firefox (regardless of version), X11 opens along with it. this isn't really a problem, but it is very annoying. i was just wondering why this is happening and if there is a way to fix it. - thanx for the help
  3. Simmons996

    Help with Cider

    I have recently been attempting to port over Mafia from windows to play on mac. I'm having trouble configuring the info.plist file correctly and was wondering if someone could help me get it right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Simmons996

    How Do You Open a .img file?

    I was wondering how to open a .img file in Leopard. Disk mounter said that there wasn't anything for it to mount. this creates a problem for me. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Simmons996

    File Transfer

    hello all. i have a question about transfering files between macs. i was wondering what the best way to transfer 60GB-ish of information from my iMac (2.0GHz, 2GB Ram, 250GB HD) to my Macbook Pro (2.4GHZ, 2GB Ram, 200GB HD). Thanks for the help.
  6. Simmons996

    iPod Themes

    i have recently started playing around with iPod Themes on my 5G iPod. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good sites to get themes from.
  7. Simmons996

    Need For Speed Carbon Help

    i have discovered that the DVD disappering is something that just happens, but that the reason the game crashes is because it is conflicting with the sound card.
  8. Simmons996

    iMac G3

    hello all- i was wondering how much a 500MHz, 256MB Ram, 30GB Hard Drive, OS X Tiger 10.4.11 (whatever the latest build was), G3 iMac should be sold for. I was thinking somewhere in the range of $100 - $200. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx!
  9. Simmons996

    Need For Speed Carbon Help

    Yesterday i went to my local Apple Store because i was bored and had nothing to do. After wandering around in the store for a while, and brought a copy of Need For Speed Carbon. I purchased it and went home to install it on to my MacBook Pro (2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, OS X 10.4.10, 128MB Graphics Card, stock MacBook Pro except for the glossy screen). After waiting 30 mins or so for the game to install, i started it up and began to play. This is where the weird part comes in. In order to play the game, u must insert the game DVD for the game to play. But after u have started the game with the DVD in the superdrive, the DVD icon disappears. U can hear the drive spool up and the game starts, but later on as u r playing the game, the game will crash and bring u back to the desktop. When u arrive at the desktop, the DVD icon is still M.I.A. I was wondering 1.) Why the DVD icon disappears and 2.) If the dissapearing icon has anything to do with the game crashing. Thanks for the help!
  10. Simmons996

    Shared iTunes Libraries

    I was wondering if there was a way to tell who is connected to your shared iTunes library. I've done some research, but really haven't found anything useful.
  11. Simmons996

    Upgrading a 500MHz iMac G3

    i just recieved a new (old) iMac G3. I was wondering what the most effect upgrades would be to make this computer run better. Heres the specs: CPU Type: PowerPC 750 (83.0) CPU Speed: 500 MHz Memory: 256 MB (128 x2) Capacity: 28.62 GB Chipset Model: ATY, Rage 128 Pro Bus: AGP VRAM (Total): 8 M Resolution: 1024 x 768 @ 75 Hz OS: Tiger Version 10.4.10 Has a slot loading CD/DVD drive Any suggestions would be much appreciated
  12. Simmons996

    Racing Games

    Does anyone know of any good freeware racing games for os x? If you do, where do you get them at? Thanks you the help!
  13. Simmons996

    GarageBand 08'

    Thanks For the Help! i installed all the loops and im off and composing.
  14. Simmons996

    GarageBand 08'

    I just purchased a new MacBook Pro and it came with iLife 08' preinstalled on it. I decided to play around with with GarageBand, but when i clicked on one of the loops to put into my song, i discovered that none of the loops were installed. It prompted me to use apple software update to install the loops but when software update opened, it did find anything. I was wondering as to why none of the loops are in GarageBand and how to get the loops into GarageBand. Thank You