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  1. em... i don't think it is Read this and you may think otherwise. Now does anyone have a clue as to how to set one of these things up? Cheers Mo
  2. Hi I've noticed that on some cool websites eg http://blog.paularms.com/ there is a safari like web search bar (if viewed in safari). Does anyone have an idea as to how to set one up? Thanks Mo
  3. Hey all I'm just wondering whether anyone has had any sucess using Brasso to clean/polish their iPods. I've used it about three times now, and I've worked out that it doesn't really make a difference on the chrome on the back (it scratches it a bit even!!), but it works very well on the front, especially with the screen. There's another product on the market called Silvo i think, this might be better for iPods as its meant specifically for chrome, silver etc... Anyone tried it? Cheers all Mo
  4. Mo Hoyt

    iTunes 5.0

    Hey all... I'm having problems with my iTunes now after updating as none of my music was there! But after adding it to my library, I then had all of the Podcasts in the wrong place and I realized all of my Playlists, including all of my play counts!!!!!! How can i fix this, does any one have any idea??? But isn't the interface cool.... and i'm sure the visualizations have changed! Cheers Mo
  5. Hey all You said that you got an iPod from freeiPods.com. Does this actually work as I thought it was some pyramid scheme where you have to keep paying some stupid sum of money and in the end not get anything from it. Did you have to pay anything to get your "free" iPod? I'm anxious to know if it works as I could do with a nice new iPod. Mo
  6. Mo Hoyt

    apples 2 button scroller!

    Wow...Apple released a mouse with more than one button!!! Although it still looks like it has one button only... No more pc people complaining about having only one button! It would be even better with bluetooth, but that'll be next hopefully.
  7. Sorted it now, don't worry. Was some random setting on the actual printer. If you have the same problem contact me. Mo
  8. Hi I helping a friend set up his wireless network. He has an G5 iMac, Rev 2, 2.0 Ghz , 20" with airport extreme installed. He streams his broadband connection through a Netgear DG834G basestation. He also has a HP Photosmart 2710 wireless all-in-one printer. This printer sets up its own wireless network (it shows up as a computer to computer network in the airport menu) To print a document, he has to disconnect from the broadband network and connect to the printer network, print and then reconnect to the broadband network. This doesn't take very long, but is very irritating when surfing the web and printing things. Is it possible to connect the wireless printer to the wireless network, so there will be no need to disconnect and reconnect every time when you want to print? The printer is on another floor than the base station, so it is not possible to connect it directly to an ethernet port. Neither is it possible to connect it the iMac as it is on the other side of the room. Any help would be much appreciated Moses Hoyt