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  1. PayPal in Apple Pay?

    That's too bad. I have talked to several folks, on and off line, and they all would like to use PayPal more but just can't get it to work in a store.
  2. PayPal in Apple Pay?

    Am I missing something? I don't see a way to add PayPal to Apple Pay. Surely this is possible.
  3. Cant sync music library from itunes to iphone

    I see this is an old post but I have this too. Unfortunately it's by design and I wish they would change it. Once iCloud Music Library is turned on it wipes out all the music stored on your phone (or iPad) and you must access it via the internet. Basically streaming your content. Generally works great except quite often I am without internet. i.e. on a plane, in a foreign country or in the basement of a venue. You can go to your device and download what you want by tapping the cloud icon but this can take awhile if you want most of your library actually stored on your device. I really wish they would go back to letting us download or sync with our computers. If it wasn't for Apple Music I would shut it off.
  4. List view in Calendar?

    It's 2 fold. Cleaning and then moving in mass if necessary. I have Fantastical so I'll check that out. Thanks!
  5. List view in Calendar?

    My Calendar has gotten bloated with calendars. What I am wanting to do is see a list of everything on a calendar to see if I need to keep that one or if I can delete that calendar. Right now all I do is use month view and a lot of scrolling. Any ideas on if it's even possible to do this? Ultimately what I would like to do is combine a few calendars into one too. Hoping to use Export/Import for that but if you have any other ideas now that is welcomed too. Thanks folks!
  6. Photo Deleting Craziness

    In my opinion way too many bugs right now. They need to step back, clean up and make it "just work". Did you find a work around?
  7. Photo Deleting Craziness

    Photos is about to drive me nuts. Some of my Photos automatically download to my laptop but not all of them. I will admit I have not done full blown trouble shooting on this but I don't see pattern. I am NOT using iCloud Photo Library but I am using My Photo Stream. So today I imported from my phone what hadn't been done yet, with the box checked to delete after importing. But because of this craziness I still have 1,931 photos in my camera roll on my iPhone. Anything I imported today is in Photos and My Photo Stream on my laptop but not my iPhone. Anything that has automatically downloaded to my laptop is in My Photo Stream at both locations. If I delete any of the 1,931 photos left in my Camera Roll on my iPhone it deletes it from from the Camera Roll and Photo Stream on my phone but NOT on my laptop. I have found Photos so unpredictable that I kind of quite doing anything with it. It's impossible for me to manage. Do you folks think I have something corrupt or that I just don't understand what Apple wants me to do?
  8. Screen Lowers

    My iPhone does this weird thing where all the sudden everything on the screen lowers. Not sure what causes it. I use to be able to duplicate it by rubbing my finger on the Home button like I was rolling a window down. I could make it go back the same way. It didn't always break it or fix it that way so I'm not sure. I could also press the Home button to make it go back. It's on an iPhone 6s with the latest iOS. Anyone else have anything like this?
  9. finding missing cover art.

    I hate to be Mr Negative but I have redone my artwork twice and when I turned on iCloud Music Library it wiped out most of it again. Some even has wrong cover art. Videos in the new TV app on my iPad are all wrong. I love a nice clean fully rated iTunes Library but it's one of those things I gave up on. PS For me Apple has a ton of bugs right now. The idea of "it just works" is slowly going away. Still love it but the honeymoon seems to be ending.
  10. Screen Lowers

    Thanks Adam! Life is good now.
  11. Help: Photo 'analysis' seems to be stuck

    I grew to hate that process until it finished. Resource hog is an understatement. I know I should be more specific but I am growing to hate Photos. Some things automatically upload some don't, it's slow opening. Good luck with it Adam.
  12. Mail viewing bug/setting?

    This is the a copy and paste of what I sent to Indev but I haven't heard back from them yet. As always, any help oddly be great. I end up with long threads of email in Apple's Mail app. I like to go through each email in the thread and file under the correct person. After I move an email to the new folder Mail takes me to the next thread rather than staying on the same thread and showing me the next email. Is this ActOn or Apple's Mail? I swear it didn't do this in previous versions and I just can't get use to it. Ends up taking up time which is what I am trying to save. Any help would be great. Thanks, Joe
  13. I have a MacBook Air with 10.10.1 running iTunes 12.01.26 and an iPhone 5 running iOS 8.1.1. However it's basically been struggle for over a year now. It started when I moved from using my MacBook Pro as my main machine to using my MacBook Air. The short of the problem is when I sync it can delete playlists but not add any. I just can't get all my playlists to transfer. Genius, Smart or regular. It's annoying as heck. In the bigger picture I have nothing but problems with my iPhone syncing since I moved to the new laptop. I have wiped and restored no less than 6 time in the last year and it might fix one thing but not another. One issue fixed was syncing of TV shows. It was just all screwed up in that they weren't 100% syncing both directions. In tat case I wiped the phone, restored and got something completely different as far as shows but I could go in and reselect or deselect and have it work. Is anyone else ready to throw their phone out the window with sync issues? Any thoughts who I can fix this? Thanks.
  14. I have to agree Apple is still best but just not the best as it was before. I think ALL software companies have to slow down on features and just make what they have work better. Back on the sync issue. I have shut off attains Match. I think I had it both on and off while having my problems. I'm pretty sure I will be dropping this January when my renewal comes up. I would be more than happy to pay the fee to have no ads on my iTunes Radio however then I cannot sync my music over. My problem is I leave the country almost ever year and can't afford the mobile internet access for while I'm gone. Then my only option is go into my iPad and iPhone and download what I want while on wifi. I have found it's easier to buy devices that can hold all my music and shut off iTunes Match. I guess in the end Apple wins but I would love to see a way to sync music from iTunes to my devices while iTunes Match is on. Another hassle to all that is I do audio work. Many of my sound files are not published. They are old demos or field form a job I am currently working on and I have found it next to impossible at times to get them over to my mobile devices. I realize I am the exception on that one though.
  15. I found a fix for the iTunes syncing issue. I wanted to sync my whole library and it wasn't. So first I changed it to sync only elect playlists and songs. I just selected a couple and did that. That worked. Then I went back and changed the setting to the whole library. I did appear to work after that. I am adding a lot of my back catalog so we'll see how it goes with future syncing. Thanks for the input Huskermn. Lately i have been getting more frustrated with Apple. I am in risk of changing over but man they are letting a lot through the cracks. Apple Mail is full of bugs. I don't want to change to something else but I may have to there. iTunes has it's own bugs and nuances. I'm sure Windows or whatever isn't much better but man I wish all these companies would stop adding "features" and just make what they have better. Thanks again.
  16. iCloud Pages folder?

    Is it me or is the new iCloud service barely slightly any better? I added some folders for projects I'm working on. Some how I magically got folders that say Pages, Numbers and Preview. Are these smart folders? Am I suppose to go to my project folder or the Pages folder? Is the one in the Pages folder an alias? On my iPad I get no folder structure. I just open Pages and then sift through the hundreds of docs to find the one I want? Dropbox this ain't. If what I am saying is true Apple blew again. Why can't they get cloud services right? Steve is rolling over in his grave.
  17. NAS RAID?

    I need to keep at least 2 categories/folders of things on my network; 1) Application archives 2) Old job archives I want them on my network so I can access them from any of my computers at home or when I'm out of town. I have one drive attached now and it works as I want it. The problem is this is important data and I want a backup of it too. It's getting tougher to make a back up of this drive when I return home. I am wondering if there is a cheap and simple way to attach 2 drives to my Airport Base Station and have them mirrored. Has anyone done this? Can I format them this way and use a hub? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
  18. NAS RAID?

    Thanks for the info John. It also hit me that I could attach 2 drives and then use Super Duper with the Smart Update feature to clone the drive. I'm saving your post but going to give this cheaper solution a try first. Thanks again!
  19. For the looping content on all monitors you would be better off distributing that through an RF system or the much more expensive video distribution amp solution. Then when you want individual content I would change inputs, say to a HDMI input with an Apple TV. Using RF (or CATV) for the loop will also save bandwidth of your network. You know you could also buy the smallest iPod Touches, one for each room, and then get an HDMI adapter for them and just switch the inputs over and play from the iPods.
  20. Every time I try to scan with my HPJ6480 it gives me "Sorry, an unknown error has occured". It's hooked up via USB through a hub. I had this problem before and was ready to go buy another printer/scanner when HP came out with a software update. Everything worked great after that. Problem is I don't remember if that was before or after I upgraded to 10.6.8. Any one else having issues with HP? Thanks.
  21. HP J6480 All In One can't scan

    So I'm back with HP J6480 issues. This printer had been working great. I was away for a month, and think I did a system update while I was gone, plus I bought a new Time Capsule before leaving. Now I can do 1 print job then I have to go and delete the printer, reload the printer. Print once, delete printer, reload printer. Frustrating to say the least. The vitals are; HP J6480 using it via wifi on a home network Airport Time Capsule 7.7.3 MacBook Air 2011 running 10.9.4 I have tried looking for Software updates but nothing shows. Any ideas? As always your help is much appreciated. Update: It appears the problem is between the Time Capsule and the printer. This issue is the same on all 3 computers in my house. The computers can see the printer till I try to print and then they all say the printer is busy.
  22. One click now takes two

    I'm stuck in Brazil with horrible internet and now both my laptops are acting up horribly. MacBook Pro 10.8.5 - Everything that use to take 1 click now takes 2. Not really a double click it just seems to ignore the first click. MacBook Air 2011 10.9.3 - Unbelievably horribly slow. This is the second time this month. (In Brazil working on World Cup.) If a window opens it takes 4-5 seconds and you can see it happen in steps. The spinning beach ball of death is on my screen more than the cursor. Reloading the system fixed it last time. Why would I have to reinstall my system twice in 10 days? Between 2 computers acting up and internet access that is so inconsistent down here I'm at my wits end and can't think. If you need more data let me know. To angry to think right now. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am here another week and if I can't use the MacBook Air I'll have real problems. Thanks!
  23. One click now takes two

    I did ponder that. The MacBook Air has more than 50% available. The MacBook Pro I can't remember for sure but it's at least 25% available. I have also been cleaning stuff off of it in order to make the Air my main machine. Oddly enough he Air is working fine today. That's good I guess. The Pro still had it's issue this morning. Question though. If you boot in Safe Mode how can you tell what all got shut off? Or maybe I should ask, how can I tell what extras are being loaded into my system. Thanks Huskermn!
  24. I have an iPhone 5, My wife a 5S and my daughter a 5C. Yesterday all 3 of us could not FaceTime with anyone on any network. It just kept saying connecting. The first occasion was all of us sitting on a Wendy's on LTE. My brother in law tried FaceTime with my wife and daughter with no luck. Minutes would go by with it saying "Connecting". I could not connect with my daughter while she sat across the table form me. When we came home same scenario on the house wifi and LTE. I rebooted all devices and everything was the same. My brother in law FaceTimed with his mom who was at a 3rd location just fine. Then my daughter answered his FaceTime call from her iPad and it all worked just fine. Showed "Connecting" for a few seconds and it worked great. She was on the wifi. The one commonality is all 3 versions of an iPhone 5 on any network will not work. To the best of my knowledge we all have the latest system version too. I have tried restoring the phones yet. There has to be something else coming into play when it's 3 phones like that. Find it hard to believe we have 3 defectie phones that were bought at 2 different locations at 3 different times. Welcome any thoughts or ideas.
  25. FaceTime quite working on all 3 iPhones

    I figured this out awhile back sorry I didn't post it. There was a certificate issue. My wife's iPhone, daughter's iPhone and iPad just needed a system update and they were fine. I actually found the answer buried in the Apple site somewhere. Took quite a while though. Thanks for trying though.