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    Opps! I didn't see that someone already gave the URL for NewerTech.Thanks
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    Thanks, do you know the website URL?
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    Thanks to all who gave the input. Any recommendations for who has the best aftermarket battery?
  4. My battery on my Power Book is not doing well after 2.7 years. Holds a charge for less than 15 minutes. I have apple care. Will they replace the battery? If they won't I read somehwere that there are better batteries than the brand name Apple battery. Where do I look for after market batteries and which is the best one? Any help would be appreciated.
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    iBook Startup Problem-Loud Fan HELP!!

    Sorry to hear about this. My suggestion is to call Apple Care next time it happens. When you get the tech on the phone you can describe everything and he will write it all down, give you a repair number, send you a box to ship it back. I think you will get better care and a fix as compared to bringing it to the dealer. The Apple Care guys will be looking for your computer and pull up the notes from your conversation with a tech when it arrive. Each time I have done this they fix it wonderfully.
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    The adaptors for the ear buds may help but they also fall out often especially when I am moving around. Still looking for ear phones or better ear buds. Hope someone has tried other models and has some recommendations.
  7. my 30 gig I pod freezes also when listening to podcasts not to music. any answers out there yet?
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    All Ipod users: I am looking to replace the earbuds that came with my IPod 30gig. I want good sound but not too expensive. The stock earbuds hurt my ears after a half hour or so. Any suggestions? :?:
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    Voice e-mail

    I have heard on Mac cast and other places about people sending and receiving voice e-mail. How can I do that? I have a PowerBook G4 and have always wanted to make voice memo's and recordings. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
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    IPod and Keynote and Power Point

    Thanks, I understand. Mostly for back up. If the slides are simple and have no fancy stuff then it would work okay. Thanks again
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    IPod and Keynote and Power Point

    Here is the paragraph from Peachpit Press Does it make sense to anyone? PowerPoint Presentations with iPod Photo PowerPoint Presentations with iPod Photo That’s right, iPod photo offers portable PowerPoint presentations, no laptop required! Here’s how: 1. Create or open a PowerPoint presentation 2. Choose Save As from PowerPoint’s File menu 3. From the Format pop-up menu in the resulting Save As dialog box, choose TIFF (Tagged Image File Format); then click Save. 4. Connect your iPod photo to your computer. 5. Launch iTunes 4.7 or later, choose Preferences from the iTunes menu, click the iPod tab, and then click the Photos tab in the iPod Preferences window. 6. Select Choose Folder from the Synchronize Photos From pop-up menu, and navigate to the folder full of images you exported from PowerPoint. 7. Click OK to load the images to your iPod. 8. Connect your iPod to a projector or television, configure its Slideshow Settings for a manual slideshow, and run your presentation from the iPod.
  12. I have heared, from reading Peachpit Press tips, that you can load Power Point shows onto my IPod photo 30 G. Can you also do that with Keynote? Then Peachpit said you can play it through a projector like you would your laptop. What kind of cables do I need to do that? This is all new to me and my Ipod is brand new. :?: