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  1. I created a movie in iDVD that was encoded in 16:9 for the menus and it had one 16:9 movie and one 4:3 movie. When I burned it it worked fine on my Mac but when i put it into my set top DVD player it displays it like it is 4:3. My DVD player is very recent and my TV player is a HDTV. When I tried to play it in my Windows machine it would play the music but nothing was displayed. When I looked at it in iDVD and displayed the "TV safe area" it would have worked so it is not that. When I looked at it displaying standard dimensions it displayed just like the DVD player so thats how I know it is cut to standard. I tried messing with the settings of DVD player but they are set right. Any ideas?
  2. I recently made a website using iWeb that contains images and a few image pages. When I exported to a folder and ran it from my disk Safari was able to display the pictures pages in all of their glory but no other browser could. When I uploaded it to the server Safari couldn't display it either. I am going to GoDaddy and images in other parts of my website work fine, it is just the "photo pages" that don't work Has anyone had a similar problem or know of a possible solution? Thank You.
  3. afropete14

    CD stuck in Macbook Drive

    Ok so here is the deal. I put a cd in my Macbook's drive and then when I went to eject it it never came out. I can no longer look at the data on the cd because it seems to not know that it is there but I also cannot put a new cd in because there is already one in the drive. I know how to manually eject CDs with tray drives but not with a Macbook's slot loading drive. Is it even possible? Is there a way I can get it to notice the disc so that maybe it will be able to try to eject it again? Your help would be greatly apprecaited!
  4. afropete14

    New iMac Announcement Tomorrrow

    Faster CPU, new motherboard, bigger hard drive, HD DVD?, aluminum, new keyboard. I am pretty sure that will be there. What I am hoping: Touch screen although I would be shocked if it happened.
  5. afropete14

    Future Switcher

    Ok I haven't officially become a switcher yet because I need to get a little bit more money but I am really anxious to buy it but I would like some advice on what I should buy. Right now I am thinking about getting a Macbook 2 Ghz, 1GB RAM, and the normal 80GB of HD space. My question is do you think this is a good system? FYI: I don't do anything too intensive but I do do some moderate applications. Also how much does it cost to upgrade the hard drive or the Ram? Thanks in advance.
  6. My brother has loaded Final Cut Express onto his Macbook. Soundtrack and LiveType work fine but when he tries to go into the main Final Cut Express thing it gives him a error message something along the lines of "This software requires certain hardware requirements: AGP(I think those are the letters) video card." Isn't it possible to run Final Cut on a Macbook? Any idea on what is wrong? Thank you.
  7. afropete14

    I must be retarded but....

    It's true that for $129 it is a bargain, I just thought it was wierd that they would allow you to do that expecially copy the disk. I have to tip my hats to a lot of the develpers too because they make some pretty sweet software that is beautiful, functional, and as Apple puts it "just works" and they do it at bargain or atleast reasonable prices.
  8. afropete14

    I must be retarded but....

    Wait so your saying if a bunch of my friends get together this october and we all pitch in to buy Leopard we can just upgrade all are computer? Thats crazy! The only problem with that is that I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I had ripped Apple off.
  9. afropete14

    Color me unimpressed.

    I agree with the above that this is a Keynote for developers. I also agree with the thought that they aren't releasing hardware from these Keynotes as much. They aren't Apple Computers anymore they're Apple Inc. Leopard is going to blow Vista out of the water, I actually think Tiger does that. We, as Mac users, are delivered great products and we get a little too accustom to this so sometimes we can expect a little too much from Apple.
  10. afropete14

    Mac OS X Leopard!

    Just to put my two cents in about the whole windows Safari thing. I am running Windows and have wanted it to become more Mac like until I get my Macbook this August. Also another thing about he motives of Apple in making this is from what I heard from Mac Break Weekly. They said that they heard someone say that google pays them for searches in
  11. afropete14

    Final Cut Express/Macbook problem

    My brother is getting his bachlors in Multimedia Communications, that is why he needs it.
  12. afropete14

    Future Switcher

    I have messed around on my brother's (1.83 Ghz 1.25 Gb RAM 80 GB HD) and my father's (2.0 Ghz 1 GB RAM 120 GB HD) and I really don't mind the glossy screen. I actually like it, it just seems clearer to me. Maybe it is just my mind making it up but if it seems better to me does it really matter if it really is?
  13. afropete14

    Will Apple cover me?

    It actually didn't end up that bad. My father didn't feel to great about the whole thing so he took it to his work and the IT guy had just upgraded one of the company's laptops and had an extra hard drive so he gave it to us for free. Also he loaded parralells, final cut express, microsoft suite, and a couple good programs. That guys saved us hundreds of dollars in software alone. Although my brother didn't have a backup (I told him he would need one someday but he didn't listen) everything ended up good because he really didn't have much important on there.
  14. afropete14

    Will Apple cover me?

    My hard drive on my MacBook failed yesterday and I did a little messing around with it and it looks like the hard drive is fried. I checked my warranty information on the internet and I will of had my MB for exactly a year tomorrow. I tried calling just barely but it is after hours so no one is there. My question is will Apple honor my warranty, or am I just out of luck? F.Y.I. I don't have AppleCare and my authorized dealers aren't open.
  15. afropete14

    Will Apple cover me?

    Well my situtation is a perfect example of if you want something done right do it yourself. It is my brother's MB that crashed and my dad said he would call Apple the next day. The next day when I talked with him and I asked what had happened when he called he said that he was too busy today so he didn't call. Needless to say I was mad and I am now sitting next to a broken macbook that is out of warrenty. Which brings me to my new question. Does any one know of any good deals on a new hard drive? I just need a SATA 2.5" drive don't I, or is there something else particular I need?
  16. As everyone has heard Apple just updated their line of MacBooks today. Although I am pretty dange excited about these improvements I was just wondering what all of you thought about the next round of updates. I will be buying a new MacBook this fall regardless of what doesn't come out(dange Leopard would have been nice, but oh well) and I was just wondering if anyone thought anything new would be updated on the MacBook by somewhere around August? Santa Rosa, LED, MacBook Mini, or anything else.(I know some of those have a very hight likelyhood of not coming out) I realize it would be a very fast turnaround of updates and it is pretty optimistic. If what I get is what it is now I will be thrilled. It will be my first Mac and I will probably be a slider for a little while until I can afford to update my desktop but it will be great.
  17. afropete14

    Future Switcher

    Tom here is the link to the site http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.asp...2Dinch+White%29 sorry it took a little longer than expected. I actually have added some RAM to my brother's MacBook which I would have never tried but my dad being the chepo he is told me to do it so I did and just like you said I was amazed at how easy it was. It is actually that MacBook that my brother has that convinced me to switch because he is going into video editing and he heard that Apple's were better for that so he bought one and I messed around on it for a little bit and I fell in love. But that is for another day. So I actually might be downgrading what I will be buying because of all the things I have heard to the lower model. So I will probably get the MacBook with the 1.83 Ghz Duo 2 processor and the 60 GB of HD space(I can always get an external drive or from what I hear it doesn't seem too hard to add one.) and then I will upgrade from the 512 MB of RAm to 1.25GB.
  18. afropete14

    Future Switcher

    Tom, I didn't know that the older MacBooks didn't have the Core 2 Duo thanks for clearing that up. Do you think you would be able to notice the difference if you had the 2 GHz processor? Also I just looked at Crucial.com and it says you can buy a single 1 GB compatible stick of RAM for $66 or the set of two 512 MB sticks of RAM for $68 vs. $75 straight from Apple. Would you still go straight from Apple?
  19. afropete14

    Future Switcher

    Pertaining to Tom's reply, I will be the only user on the computer because technically I am getting it for school but it will also be my get away from life. So for a single user it runs fine with with the 512 MB RAM and 1.83 GHz, what are the most processor extensive programs you use? Also I do think the black Macbook looks better but there is no way I am spending that much money for a better look machine. The white ones are good looking too though.
  20. afropete14

    Future Switcher

    Ok I had a brain lapse I just had the amazing idea to go to Apple.com to see how much it is to upgrade so I don't need that help anymore with that idea but I would still like your opinion on how the system looks.
  21. Wow I was just about to ask all the same questions because all of those really apply to me because I am looking forward to buying my first Mac in the form of a Macbook with the hope of getting it with 2 Ghz and I was planning on just getting 1 GB of RAM and Staying with the normal 80 GB HD space but the answer to this question might change my mind. I hope someone has a good answer. How much is it to upgrade the HD or the R AM right when you buy it anyway?