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  1. Currently I have a HP USB printer which is beginning to stop working. And I also have a Canon USB scanner. HP printer is wireless for now, thanks to Time Capsule, but I can't print directly from a Chromebook because there's no Google Cloud Print support. Canon's latest bundled software has a scanner app that's very buggy, and they haven't updated their software since Mac OS X v10.6. Ideally I am looking for an all-in-one that has at least Ethernet or WiFi connectivity with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print support. SD card support would also be a plus: if the hardware can function fully independent of a notebook, then I wouldn't have to worry about manufacturers providing weak support for non-WIndows notebooks.
  2. rhatta

    [OT] Kindle hardware?

    Anyone own both an iPad and the Kindle hardware? Does the iPad make the Kindle hardware redundant?
  3. rhatta

    Time Capsule backup privacy

    Well, I just went ahead and bought myself a Time Capsule last week since I also needed a Wi-Fi router. I think I set a password for the Wi-Fi, the guest Wi-Fi, hard disk, and admin via the AirPort Utility. It looks pretty nice!!
  4. rhatta

    Time Capsule backup privacy

    I don't have Time Capsule to play around with, but I hope the default setting is reasonably secure.
  5. If I buy Time Capsule and make backups onto it, can any Mac on the same LAN take a look at the contents?
  6. rhatta

    First gen iPod nano in Japan

    They just shipped it this afternoon. Maybe I'll call to ask what took them so long.
  7. rhatta

    First gen iPod nano in Japan

    So far, the Product Service Status page looks like this: it hasn't returned yet.
  8. rhatta

    First gen iPod nano in Japan

    I went to the Apple support website yesterday to file for a replacement. Seems like having a dead battery isn't good enough. It has to be very hot and in really bad condition for them to replace it for free. Probably a very few number of iPod nanos are in such a dire situation, so it sounds like this fiasco cost Apple very little, aside from the brand image.
  9. Apple charged 6,800 Japanese yen (79.66 US dollars) for the battery replacement of a first gen iPod nano. I have no luck!
  10. The Mac models without SD slot are: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 17", and Mac Pro. The Air is an exception, so they may never get an SD slot. The only direction I can see Air evolving in the future is by becoming lighter, and the screen bezel will become black like the rest. The engineers just need to figure out how to squeeze in both the ExpressCard 2.0 and SD slots for the MBP17" next year. For the Mac Pro, a refresh seems more likely than ever. Spec-wise, the US $3,299.00 Mac Pro's base offering 640GB hard drive is in need of at least matching the $1,499.00 iMac's 1TB HDD. SD slot is another likely inclusion since it's the only workstation in the world with iPhoto preinstalled. Lack of pricing refresh in recent months means prices are out of touch with the realities of currency exchange. US prices will remain the same, while Mac Pros sold in Japan will be ¥40,000 ($446.64) cheaper. Talk about deflation! MicroSD has been a standard feature in Japanese cell phones for several years. Apple is different, but if they were to go with this trend, importing camera photos would be as simple as handling a microSD and a microSD-to-SD adapter. Or iPad gets a camera feature first, reducing the need for transferring photos between mobile devices. On-the-go wireless Internet access, like the iPad 3G model, could be useful. Yet again comparing the competition, Sony VAIO P Series came out with mobile broadband adapter built-in awhile ago.
  11. Hi all, the recent series of product updates by Apple inspired me to come up with some predictions of my own. Especially, the unibody-like Mac mini case update seemed like something one could have guessed would be coming. More case updates. If Apple TV is not discontinued, it will be made to look newer like the Mac mini or Time Capsule. More SD slots. MicroSD slots for mobile devices. More iSight. Eventually, all Apple devices with a display will have it. More wireless networking options. Built-in 3G or WiMAX for notebooks. Retina Display's pixel density in MacBook Pros and Cinema Displays, quarter-sized iPhones, iPod touches. Many competitors already sell smaller screen touch devices. iPod canal. It's so small, it fits in your ear canal. In comparison, Sony already has a headphone-and-player-in-one device (Walkman W253). The predictions are all speculative, but if I were to bet, I would say more models with SD slot is the most likely and earliest to happen.
  12. rhatta

    Constant disk activity (Snow Leopard)

    By the way, yesterday I noticed from Dropbox's Recent Events list that the symlinked file ~/Library/Application Support/SlidePad/pages.sav was being updated every 20 seconds. Apparently SlidePad makes writes every 20 seconds, even while there is no user interaction for hours! This makes the Recent Events list very hard to read so I stopped syncing this file. Still there is some other process that also makes continuous writes, so I am keeping an eye out for that. Since these are writes and not reads, I'm not worried about spywares.
  13. rhatta

    Boot Camp + 64bit OSes

    Good precaution, I did not know that. My machines are late 2009 core 2 duo MBP, and early model core duo white MB, so the recent MBP is probably safe with 64bit, but non-OEM/DSP versions of Windows 7 include both architecture versions so those are probably the safest choice if I were to buy one.
  14. rhatta

    Boot Camp + 64bit OSes

    I was able to install 64bit Ubuntu on my machine, and I don't have to press 6 and 4 when I boot, so it seems like if I were to get a 64bit OEM version of Windows 7, I can boot into the OS without pressing 6 and 4 as well. I think Apple went with 32bit kernel SL by default in order to be more compatible with 32bit MacIntels which are still out there. It might have been interesting if Apple went straight to 64bit Intel after PowerPC... then SL would be fully 64bit for both software and hardware!